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Wedding Songs for the Ceremony

  • Prelude

    Music for before the ceremony.

  • Ceremony

    Song ideas for the ceremony, signing & candle lighting.

  • Recessional

    Uplifting song ideas for the wedding ceremony exit.

  • Interlude

    Music for between ceremony & reception.

Wedding Songs for the Reception

  • Cake Cutting

    Song suggestions for the cutting of the wedding cake.

  • Bouquet Toss

    Song ideas for when the bride throws the bouquet.

Other Wedding Music Ideas

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the millions of songs out there, that’s why we created the Secret Wedding Songs website.

To help you easily build a memorable playlist to pass on to your DJ / Music entertainment.

What’s important with any songs you choose for a tradition is that they suit your style.

All of the song ideas on Secret Wedding Songs have been compiled by professional wedding DJs, bride & grooms around the globe & wedding entertainers.

They are also lyrically suited for each tradition.

You can listen to each and every song via Youtube, browse wedding song lyrics and find out more info for each song.

If you have a fantastic song idea that is not listed on the Secret Wedding Songs website, please submit your favourite song so we can add it to the song idea pages. This will help give couples around the globe even more ideas!

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