3 Exciting Things You Can Add to Your Wedding Day

As you plan your wedding and look at the amount of money that you’re spending on it, certainly you must be hoping that your friends and family will enjoy it as much as you will. Well, almost as much!

Love Hearts on Sheet Music

What are three exciting things that you can add to your wedding day to give it some special significance?

Commemorate Your Wedding Music

Studies have actually been done to show what people remember most about a wedding. The number one item is the food—and hopefully you’ve got someone great taking care of that—but the next thing they remember is the tone of the reception. Weddings are a time for friends and family to come together and socialise.

Someone who spends your wedding reception talking with friends and getting out on the dance floor will look back on your wedding day and tell friends what a great time they had.

To guarantee that memory for your guests, find ways to commemorate your music. Download the key songs that will be played during your wedding and reception highlights—the processional, recessional, first dance of the new couple, bride-father and groom-mother dances, and the like—and present disks to your guests as your wedding favour.

It’s true that making the disks can be a little expensive, along with relevant copyright issues so talk to your wedding DJ about the best way to go about doing this.

If you cannot afford the disks or you already have another wedding favour in mind, then allot some space in your wedding program to identify the key songs.

Music always sparks memories in people, so if you’re playing “It’s Raining Men” when you get ready to toss the bouquet, you’ll have your friends laughing about what they were doing the last time they heard that song.

Bride Holding Bouquet

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What better way to reinforce that memory than list the important wedding songs in a program, a tangible souvenir that people can take home from the wedding and look at later?

Love Is All Around!

The bride and groom aren’t the only people at a wedding who are in love. People enjoy thinking of their own romances when they come to a wedding.

Couples that have been married for a while will often look at one another fondly during the ceremony and reception highlights.

Single friends who come with a guest may hope that some special romance is in the air with the guest they’ve brought. Try spicing up everybody’s love life at the reception, with your DJ’s help:

•    Give your DJ a list of couples, married and not married, who are attending the wedding. Each time the guests signal for you to kiss, usually by tapping their spoons against their glasses, the DJ can choose the name of a couple from the list and tell them to kiss, and then you and your new spouse will kiss.

•    Make up questions about yourselves, one for each table at the reception. Insert each question into an envelope and put the sealed envelopes on the tables. Have the DJ call out table numbers at intervals during the reception and the guests at the table have to open the envelope and come up with the correct answer. If they get the answer right, the bride and groom kiss. If they get the answer wrong, each person at that table has to kiss someone at another table.

•    Ask some of your closest married friends and relatives to tell you the name of a song they played at their wedding. Put the songs on the DJ’s playlist. As he plays each song, he will announce whose wedding it commemorates.

Spotlighting the Two of You

Most couples have some kind of book for guests to sign at the reception. Why not go a little beyond that? At the table where the register is, leave an album displaying photos of the two of you at various stages of your relationship. Your guests will enjoy paging through it. Every person who is there most likely knows one of you better than the other, and letting them see your photo history helps them to feel they have really come to know you both.

You can even display boards with your photos. The event coordinator is certain to have the easels you need for this. This is also a great way to get guests up from their tables and moving around the room.
You can also create a slide show made of your photos. Use the photos from the album or, better yet, display the shots taken during your engagement photo session. Project them onto a wall during the cocktail hour or dinner hour. Ask the event coordinator at your venue if they have the equipment for this or if you can bring in your own.

Nowadays , you can use an iPad, Digital Picture frame or even an LCD Television (If it supports a Memory card) to display the photos as a slideshow.

Possibly your wedding DJ can help set this up.

Make It the Best Day Ever

Your wedding day will be the first day of your new life together. The day is special for you, and these ideas offer unique ways to make it special for your guests as well. The memories will live on forever!


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