A Great Wedding Planning Checklist

Having a checklist will dissolve any stress you could possibly have and will bring together all of your (worry free) wedding plans.

A good checklist covers what to check…

6 Months before
3 Months
1 Month
2 Weeks
1 Week
Day before
On the Day

Wedding Checklist

Grab a Copy of the Wedding Planning Checklist Here

(Editable Word doc format)

At the end of the day, your reception’s success depends on your “crew”. Whether they are either family, friends or professional wedding suppliers these people will bring your reception together.

The people running your wedding reception are #1 when it comes to your reception’s success so choose wisely and earlier the better, as most of the good suppliers are booked well in advance.

A quick tip on hiring wedding providers is to read your local wedding directory forums and see what suppliers other brides and grooms have talked about. Nothing beats a reputable wedding planner also.

Just do a search in Google for your local area discussions forums.

For Example Google search…

your area wedding forums (or directory)

Your main suppliers who will be at your reception are generally…

  • Wedding Planner
  • Entertainment (DJ / Band)
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Caterer / Chef
  • Bar and Service Staff
  • Venue Function Co-ordinator

Each of these people play a part in your reception running like clockwork but there is only 3 of these people that will create the core experience and atmosphere at your reception.

The first and most important is your Master of Ceremonies (Or the MC) He or she will guide your reception, direct the focus of your guests and maybe (hopefully) even entertain.

The second is the Music. The difference between good music and great music can really affect the level happiness and excitement at your reception. This includes the songs you choose, the dinner music the DJ or band programs then the Party & Dancing Music.

The third is your Function Co-ordinator and / or Wedding planner. He or she will keep every detail of your reception running super smooth (without the bride or groom knowing it of course).

So summing up if you haven’t created a checklist you are leaving yourself open to problems and this is one of the most important reception success tips!

Wishing you a memorable wedding celebration,


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