A Handful of Unique Wedding Ideas

Below are some ideas you can incorporate into your wedding to add some atmosphere and uniqueness to your wedding reception.

I have seen or heard all of these ideas being used at a wedding with great results.

Wedding Reception Ideas


Bubbles can create a fairy tale effect and look amazing with the right lighting. Bubble Machines can be a little messy and are generally better for outdoors. Also remember to always keep bubble machines away from the dancefloor as they can make your dance floor slippery.

Low Lying Fog

This is a great for a cloudy floor effect although can be hard to setup.  There needs to be no wind (i.e. air-conditioning etc) and can be even harder to setup outdoors where you have no control over wind. Basically a special fog machine is used where ICE is added that cools the fog so it stays on the floor. It eventually warms up and floats into the normal air thou.

Special Message

Record a private message of the Bride & Groom and have it played over an instrumental piece of music during the first dance or cake cutting. Works well with a slow & romantic song.

Guest/s sing a song

If one of your guests is an “idol” they can sing a special song dedicated to the Bride & Groom. I advise not to incorporate karaoke into a wedding as it can make it a bit tacky if not done right.

Speech Stings

As each guest comes up to the microphone for their speech a small snippet of music can be played to match their personality. This can fill the dead air as they walk up the microphone and add a little pre speech entertainment.

Slideshow & Video Show

A Video Montage, PowerPoint presentation or Image Slideshow can be played at some point in the reception. During dinner is a good time and anywhere from 5-10 minutes won’t be too boring for your guests.

Adding a little something unique to your wedding can make it stand out from the rest and make it that little more enjoyable.

What ever you do… Do it your style.


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