Alternative First Dance Songs

Many young couples that are planning their wedding this year are looking for music they enjoy and share a common attachment to. This is causing more of them to choose alternative first dance songs.

The older generation might not be familiar with “alternative rock” or “alternative music”, but it is a term often used to describe some of the underground music that became popular since the 1990’s. Music such as grunge, gothic rock and British pop, also known as Britpop or indie are considered alternative music or rock.

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A lot of the post-punk music was recorded by independent labels and received exposure through the college campuses on college radio stations. Some of the groups are considered cult bands, but others became successful like The Cure, R.E.M. or Nirvana. With the birth of the Internet, alternative music groups popped up everywhere and started to become main-stream with the younger generations.

When looking for alternative first dance songs, many young couples are faced with choosing milder versions that might have some appeal to all ages at a wedding reception. They don’t want to select something too unacceptable to the older relatives and grandparents. Some of the alternative music bands have come up with romantic songs that would be acceptable as alternative first dance songs. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails have music that is played on normal radio stations that is mellow enough for all generations.

Because alternative music has become commercially viable and has its own category on the Grammy Awards and MTV Music Awards, more people have been exposed to it and the artists have made the music to become the most profitable through an effort to make it appealing to a larger audience. This makes it easier to find alternative first dance songs because not all alternative music or rock is heavy metal, post punk music that is only appealing to the younger crowd.

Good alternative songs to consider might be some of the newer fad of mixing punk with funk or country. Even remakes of old Beatles songs, Elvis songs and other legendary artists have been made by alternative music bands. These are more melodic than some of the guitar screeching, heavy metal forms of alternative music and make good alternative first dance songs to please all ages at a wedding reception.

The thing to consider when choosing music for your wedding and reception is that is should have personal meaning to the bride and groom, but also be appealing to the guests. Music that is too extreme will make guests uncomfortable and can make the wedding couple appear to be lacking in good judgment on what should be an elegant and memorable experience for all.

No matter what kind of music you select, keep in mind that this is a special occasion and not a rock concert, so use good taste and choose music for your first dance that can be appreciated by everyone. This will make your wedding day a special day to remember for all the right reasons.

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