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Planning a wedding is a immensely personal thing for you and your future partner, and you want to ensure that every element is perfect. The ceremony is considered the most important factor of the day, however, the reception is as momentous. You will want to ensure that the food, entertainment and music are to everyone’s taste. However, the first dance should be all about you and your new spouse, and choosing the ideal song can be daunting.

Wedding Dance

The first dance at the wedding is extremely symbolic, and choosing the right song is essential. You will want to pick a song that is meaningful to you both, and that you will want to remember for the rest of your marriage. This song should never be chosen in haste, and what may seem funny at the time may not appear as humorous, many years later. You need to consider your friends and family that are gathered, and ensure that the song will not offend.

As you take to the dance floor you will be starting your reception and your friends and family will be watching as you dance. You have to consider if the song will require a special dance, or you can simply sway and move. If you have to learn a dance, it can be a very dramatic and entertaining way to begin your reception. However, you have to consider the dress that you have chosen and whether you can perform a complicated dance whilst wearing it.

Some people like to make a statement with their first dance, and other couples simply choose a song that they enjoy. Many of the decisions surrounding the wedding will be the bride’s choice; however, the groom will often like to have an input into this decision. If you like similar music the decision will be far easier; however, if you have different tastes it could be far more difficult.  You will need to come to a compromise, and there should be at least one song that you both enjoy.

The song that is chosen for the first dance will typically be something truly personal and may be considered your song. It may be the song that was playing when you first met, on your first date, or when the groom proposed. No matter what the reason is behind the song there will typically be a significant reason behind the decision. For some people, it is simply a song that they like and want to dance to at their wedding.

If there is no significant song that you want to choose, there are thousands of different romantic love songs to choose. Trawling through them all can take a momentous amount of time; however, researching top songs may be the way forward. There are several different lists which have been compiled to provide brides with a starting point if they are unsure.

Once you have found some songs that you like, listening to them and ensuring that you both like the words and music is very important. The choice of the first dance song should never be left to another person, and defiantly never left to a stranger. You will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life; therefore, the song needs to be good and something that you want to listen to.

Something to Remember Forever

The bride and groom’s first dance as a newly married couple should be a truly special moment they will remember forever. The best wedding dance songs are those that are personal and mean something to the couple—the song they refer to as “their song”—or a song with particularly meaningful lyrics that tell something about them, their life, and their courtship.

For the official “first dance,” it’s always best to check with the bride and groom (ahead of time) to find out if they have a special song they want played for the occasion and to honor that request.

After the couple’s first dance, traditional weddings include more dances with the wedding party joining the bride and groom on the dance floor, and then the couples start switching partners. Slow, easy love songs are the best wedding dance songs for this purpose—and again, some of the couple’s favorite songs are ideal. But if the couple doesn’t have a bunch of favorite love songs—or if they just draw a blank when you ask them for ideas—here are some tried and true favorites to include that are sure to be a hit at most weddings.

Best Wedding Dance Song Ideas

· Could I Have This Dance performed by Anne Murray
· The Keeper of the Stars performed by Tracy Byrd
· From This Moment performed by Shania Twain
· Amazed performed by Lonestar
· I Cross My Heart performed by George Strait
· It’s Your Love performed by Tim McGraw
· The Dance performed by Garth Brooks
· To Make You Feel My Love performed by Garth Brooks
· Your Love Amazes Me performed by John Berry
· I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing performed by Aerosmith
· When I Fall in Love performed by Nat King Cole
· Breathe performed by Faith Hill
· I Swear performed by John M. Montgomery or All 4 One
· When You Say Nothing At All performed by Allison Krauss
· I Can Love You Like That performed by John M. Montgomery
· My Heart Will Go On performed by Celine Dion
· Beautiful Tonight performed by Eric Clapton

Duets are also a great option. Some beautiful wedding appropriate duets perfect for dancing include:

· The Prayer performed by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion
· When I Said I Do performed by Clint Black and Lisa Hartman
· Tonight I Celebrate My Love performed by Roberta Flack and Peabo Bryson
· A Whole New World performed by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle

If you’re absolutely stumped for ideas for the best wedding dance songs, search through your collection of CDs /iPod.

You can also check out YouTube, watch music videos on TV, or even call the disc jockey at your local radio station for suggestions.

There really are a lot of great songs that make beautiful, appropriate, and memorable wedding moments, but the best wedding dance songs are always songs the bride and groom love—in the style of music the bride and groom enjoy.

In other words, don’t include a rap song (no matter how appropriate the lyrics may sound) in the line-up for a couple that loves country music, and don’t include a pop song for a couple that prefers classical music. The songs selected need to match the occasion, the mood, and the couple’s taste.

What Makes a Top Wedding Song?

What makes a Top Wedding Song? Well the simple answer is it’s a song that’s moving. You see the majority of wedding songs are either happy, fun, emotional and romantic. Sure there many different genres of wedding songs (such as slow rock ballads to jazz to electronic Cafe del mar style songs) but they all have one thing in common. They make you feel good!

Top Wedding Song Ideas

Whether it is an Indian or a Western wedding, a large grand one or a small simple one, music has always played a very important role in making a wedding memorable. For western culture weddings, music is usually chosen for the Wedding March and the Reception after wards.

A Wedding March is basically a piece of music played as the bride enters and walks up the aisle (processional) or in the end, after the marriage, when the wedded couple leaves (recessional).

One of the traditional pieces chosen for the Processional (as you must’ve heard on numerous occasions yourself) is of course, the Bridal chorus from Lohengrin by Richard Wagner, more popularly called “Here comes the Bride”.

The traditional Recessional is usually the Wedding March, a music piece by Felix Mendelssohn. Though many new songs are constantly being used, these classics continue to be tremendously popular.

For the dancing part wedding receptions, the most popular music is usually numbers that are rhythmic and generally fast-paced that get everybody on the dance floor!

The list of top wedding songs also includes some songs that are simply not a good idea for a wedding. These include a song from years ago, which no one remembers, or perhaps a rap with an undertone of innuendo, which makes the guest uncomfortable.

Bottom-shaking songs are also a big no-no. Even classic rock songs, which require a lot of head banging and adrenaline, might not be a good idea for a wedding. A tacky song will completely ruin an otherwise perfect wedding. It is also important to note that what seems funny or “different” today, might be quite an embarrassment after, say, ten or fifteen years. While it is okay to be adventurous, being too wacky might lead to disappointment later.

Music is important since it sets the mood for the wedding. The best bet, I think, is to go with a kind of song that suits your personality and the type of wedding you’ve arranged. If you consider yourself rebellious, it’s good to choose a song that makes you stand out in the crowd. But you should also remember that weddings are meant to last a lifetime, so it should be music that you and your spouse will always hold close to your heart.

Browse through your CD collection / iPod and think of songs (generally happy ones) that yourself and partner love.

Good luck with choosing your first dance song!

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