Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

So you’re planning a wedding! There are many cheap wedding reception ideas you can take advantage of to keep your costs in line. The trick is to cut corners on some of the more expensive traditions or find ways to do things for less.

Be cautious if you seek low-cost vendors, because if you look for the cheapest photographer, DJ / band, and caterer, you will end up with bad pictures, poor sound quality, and bland, tasteless food.

Wedding Reception Ideas

One vendor choice that can reduce your expenses is the flower source. Grocery stores are the up-and-coming place to buy less expensive arrangements. Many groceries include free-standing floral departments with well trained staff. Even if you use a florist for bouquets and boutonnires, visit your grocery or a wholesale supplier for bulk prices on Baby’s Breath, which can be used extensively to decorate the reception hall as well as the church.

Find out what skill sets your relatives and attendants have. People who are already enthusiastic about your wedding will be happy to help you. Some of them will insist on providing services for free, and others will accept very low payment from you. If your cousin can design your invitations or wedding program on her computer, maybe you can work on her garden or baby sit her kids a few times. Give your nephews a month of free video game rentals if they take down the decorations after the wedding.

Rent a reception venue that you can decorate yourself. Many places carry tremendous up charges for decorating, but there’s a lot you can do on your own. Visit your local stores for sewing goods as well as crafts to buy lengths of inexpensive, sheer fabrics, spools of satin ribbon, and artificial flowers. Pin fabric along doorways and intertwine it with ribbons and flowers.

Decorate the church yourself, with bunches of Baby’s Breath placed in vases and set strategically in the lobby and up front, and tie bows on pews reserved for family.

Buy table coverings at a dollar store. Sometimes table cloths end up in a dollar store because the retailer has insufficient quantities or the manufacturer’s packaging has changed, or they don’t wash well. They’ll do fine for your reception! Tie ribbons on the backs of chairs.

The cake will be a delectable dessert for your wedding dinner, but you don’t have to spend more than $100-$200. The price will be inflated by its size; get two smaller, identical cakes. And once again, don’t rule out your local grocery’s bakery. Ask them how much they will charge for a cake, or consider cupcakes. Buy the topper at a discount department store and supply it yourself.

Motivate your bridesmaids to help you by saving money on their dresses and giving them freedom of choice. To avoid the cliché of expensive bridesmaid gowns that can’t be worn anywhere else, today’s brides are picking one or two colours and giving the bridesmaids free rein. The bridesmaids can go wherever they like to shop to buy a gown that looks great on them, as long as they stick to the bride’s specified colours and dress length.

You can even tell them to avoid bare shoulders or plunging necklines if that’s a consideration for you. Tell them you are making this choice so that they will have more freedom to help you with decorating, making favours, and other wedding chores.

Be realistic about the corners you are willing to cut. Do you really need a white runner for the aisle of the church? Use your own vehicles instead of rental vehicles. Eliminate printed match books. People really won’t notice if you supply plain napkins instead of printed ones, but do get nice ones, like the Vanity Fair brand.

But don’t let people force you into cutting corners that make no sense. One bride tells of a frugal mother-in-law who suggested that instead of buying a bridal knife for the cake, she simply tie a ribbon around a kitchen knife – rotten idea! If your mother and aunts are great cooks and you have a huge backyard, see about renting a tent for the reception.

There are many cheap wedding reception ideas that will not detract from the beauty of your wedding day.

You can use the money you save to start your new life together.

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