Creating a Playlist for Your Wedding DJ

Creating a wedding DJ playlist is an important part of your wedding reception plans. Music is a powerful medium that can bring about emotions and highlight the events in your reception.

Music is used to set the mood and keeping the party moving.

Wedding DJ

Your wedding DJ playlist should be something personal. It needs to reflect your personalities and be something you want to listen to.

At the same time, you might want to respect tradition and honour the different preferences of your guests.

Overall, you need a good mixture of songs that will create the atmosphere you desire for your wedding reception.

Choosing Songs for Different Events

There are certain parts of the reception that warrant specific song choices. You want to choose a song that will work for that particular moment. Think about how it makes people feel and the mood it will evoke.

When you and your bridal party are being introduced you want to play something that will make me want to clap and cheer for you. Of course, if it is more your style you can choose something slower for a more elegant entrance.

The song you choose really depends on the overall tone of your wedding. Keep in mind that this is the beginning of the reception, so you might want to use it to set the tone and create that transition between the wedding ceremony and reception.

Another event that requires special music in your wedding DJ playlist is the first dance. This is always a special event, but it is also very personal. Most couple choose to go a traditional route with a romantic and special song. The more out going couple may decide to learn a special dance or even play this up with a funny dance to some of their favourite party songs.

There is also the father daughter dance and mother son dance that are a special part of the reception. This is a really emotional moment and usually couples choose special songs that represent that bond between parent and child. Now that you have chosen songs for those special moments during the reception you can focus on choosing music for the other parts of the reception.

General Music

You will want to play music during the dinner and then provide music for dancing. Again, feel free to express yourself in your songs choices. This will allow you to give your reception the atmosphere you desire.

During dinner you should probably stick with easy listening music or at least something more low key. People will want to talk and the music is more of a background sound. Avoid anything over powering or distracting at this point in the reception.

Once you are ready for the dancing and those special dances are over you can really cut loose. You should choose your favourite dancing songs. Have a good mix that will get people moving. You should also scatter in a few slow songs for those occasional sentimental moments.

What a DJ can do for your Wedding

A Good DJ or Party band will keep a nice balance between tactful (not so cheesy) and fun songs to keep the dance floor moving. It’s a good idea to give the entertainment a list of say 20 tracks of your “must plays”, a few “play if you cans” and a few “do not play” songs.

If most of the guests are a similar age, music from their generation works well. Song’s that everyone can relate to especially if your guests are all ages work well also.

Having your DJ play the most popular genres is a sure fire way to increase the chances on dance floor success. If your DJ plays too obscure music, this will affect the outcome of your reception!

You should give your Band or DJ a little flexibility with the amount of dancing songs you give them to play. If they are experienced and professional they should know what will make your guests dance – that’s what you have hired them for.

Remember that you will have a variety of guests that may all have their own musical interests. To avoid alienating guests, try to choose songs from all genres. You may have an eclectic taste in music and this will allow you to play all your favourite songs.

Wrap up the night with a special song that people will remember. You can choose something upbeat or something that will trigger some nostalgia. Those last songs of your wedding DJ playlist are what everyone will think about when they leave.

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