Delivering Your Wedding MC | Emcee Script

An important ingredient for creating a fun & memorable reception comes down to your MC.

The MC (Master of Ceremonies) role is to guide the wedding reception from start to finish, directing the focus of the group with confidence and a little personality.

Wedding MC

You can either hire a professional MC, use someone who is comfortable with public speaking who is attending your wedding (more personal) or your DJ can act as MC also.

Keep in mind a DJ’s performance is compromised when performing MC duties also and I have found the reception runs smoother with a dedicated MC and separate DJ.

If you are using a relative or friend to MC you wedding here are some tips to help with their MC role…

As an MC you don’t have to be funny or entertaining if this is not your natural style. Just letting everyone know what is happening now and what is about to happen is the main role of the MC.

An MC who announces with sincerity and who talks to the guests like they are close friends is much more successful and easy to listen to than an MC who simply tries too hard!

5 top tips for the first time MC include…

Relax & Be Prepared

Sit down with your notes and run through each segment you have to announce. Make sure everything that you have to say is written down but only in point form. You never want to read what you have to say from notes word for word (You’ll sound like a robot)

15 Minutes before your first announcement, relax. Have a stretch, meditate even and most importantly imagine success for each part of your MC announcements.

When it comes to Show time.. Smile, hold the microphone close to your mouth and announce the message you truly want to get across the guests listening. That’s all you have to think about.. and be flexible with the audience if they yell out something.

Don’t Give too much away

When announcing what is happening at the wedding reception, do not announce everything that is going to happen. Just give a few hints as to what will happen later.

The most important thing the guests need to know from you is where the restrooms are, where the smoking locations are, when they will be fed, where will they get their drinks and what’s happening next.

Try not to Drink Alcohol or Have too Much Caffeine

Wait until after the formalities before you have a drink if you are a guest at the wedding. A professional MC does not drink alcohol until the job is done.

You may be nervous but being clear headed and nervous is better than being confused and slurring with your announcements.

Too much caffeine will make you jitterish also and try not to have any at least an hour before your announcing.

Does it sound all good?

Do a sound check, make sure you have your notes in order and ready (Small hand held cards with your points written on them work well) and make sure you can read you notes wherever you stand with the MIC. Do this before all of the guests enter the venue.

Always be in Control of the Microphone

Never ever lose control or give the microphone to a guest without the Bride and Grooms approval. If it’s not on the Wedding Reception Timeline than it’s not planned and it may be something that
shouldn’t be said by the guest. Most Receptions should have a wireless MIC so keep it close and all will be good!

Who is the MC

There is a lot of planning and a lot of organised events that will take place during the reception. It is the job of the Emcee to make sure that everything is running smoothly and on time.

The Wedding MC is responsible for introducing speakers and then leading the applause of each and every speaker. Not only will this make sure that every speaker is given a little bit of applause but it is also providing the best transition possible for the next speaker to step up to the plate. With receptions that have a lot of events, the MC is used to help provide the link or the transition from one event to another.

In order to make sure that an MC is truly doing his or her job there are some basic hints and tips that should always be followed. The first thing to remember is that a nice and decent introduction is brief and to the point. A big no-no is to mispronounce the name of the various speakers that the MC is trying to introduce. Along with knowing how to properly pronounce the name of the speakers, it is also nice to know a little about each one of them. Make sure that the information given to the MC is something that each speaker would not mind having a room full of people hear about them.

Also, even though The Wedding MC may love to ham it up from time to time, it is extremely important to make sure that the MC never tries to upstage any of the speakers. While it is okay and generally acceptable for the MC to crack a joke here or there, this is not their audition for becoming a standup comic. If that is the job they want then they should be in a comedy club somewhere and not at a wedding.

In order to be sure how far The Wedding MC is allowed to take the jokes, he or she should have a detailed discussion with the bride and groom. By understanding the values and humor of the bride and groom, the MC can get a better feel for the job that will be expected from them. In the end, the job of the MC is pretty basic with very little variations. It is the humor aspect that normally changes from one wedding to another so you never know what to expect.

Just remember if your relaxed and having fun, this will come across in what you say and do and people will enjoy listening to you more.

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