If there is a mixed generation of guests, all genres of easy listening music can work well during dinner.

Bride Eats Spaghetti

This playlist can include the favourite easy listening songs of the Bride and Groom also.

If you have several generations attending your reception, try to have a variety of musical selections that will appeal to everyone. Your grandparents will appreciate hearing Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole in between selections that are more modern.

Playing 3 songs from each genre is a balanced amount of “genre” songs to create an interesting mix for the large generation of guests, family and friends that will atend the reception.

Music that is not too loud, overpowering or makes a statement is best for during the meal. Something your guests can hum and tap their feet along to.

Popular Easy Listening Songs


Magic – Coldplay
2014 | Youtube


Big Yellow Taxi – Counting Crows
2003 | Youtube

Fix You – Coldplay
2005 | Youtube

Forever Young – Youth Group
2006 | Youtube

Get Your Way – Jamie Cullum
2006 | Youtube

Lips Like Sugar – Seal
2004 | Youtube

Sand in My Shoes – Dido
2004 | Youtube


Fields of Gold – Sting
1993 | Youtube

Fools Gold – Stoneroses
1990 | Youtube

Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
1993 | Youtube

She’s the One – Robbie Williams
1999 | Youtube


Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes – Paul Simon
1986 | Youtube

Hold Me Now – Thompson Twins
1987 | Youtube


Chuck E’s in Love – Rickie Lee Jones
1979 | Youtube

Coconut – Harry Nilsson
1971 | Youtube

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
1977 | Youtube

Into the Mystic – Van Morrison
1970 | Youtube

Loves Theme – Barry White
1974 | Youtube

Walk on the Wildside – Lou Reed
1972 | Youtube

Your Song – Elton John
1970 | Youtube


Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys
1966 | Youtube


I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Frank Sinatra
1956 | Youtube

More about the Wedding Dinner

Your wedding dinner will feature food and drinks that you spent months agonizing over – what food would be served, how the tables would be decorated and what the seating arrangements would be.

You’re sure to want everyone to be able to relax, enjoy the food and socialize with each other.

The focus should be on the food and pleasant conversation.  Music should be a background feature that enhances but doesn’t overwhelm, which is why most couples select a variety of easy listening or jazz pieces for the dinner interlude.

A good blend is to play three selections from one generation grouped together, then move on to three from another era and so on; it makes the transition less jarring and gives everyone a chance to really enjoy “their” music.

In most cases, vocal music is played, but if you are having an extremely formal black tie affair you may want to opt for instrumental music only and steer toward classical or instrumental jazz music.

Controlling the Volume of Wedding Dinner Music

The key to successful background music during dinner is volume control.  Be sure you talk to the band or DJ and have a clear understanding of what you expect.  The music should be loud enough to provide some atmosphere, but should not make conversation at each table difficult.  If people at each table need to shout at each other to be heard, the music is too loud.

It’s also important to pay a bit more if necessary to see that the speakers and sound system are balanced throughout the room.  You don’t want some diners seated close to loud, intrusive speakers and have their eardrums blasted with sound while others can’t hear the music at all.

You may have to have the speakers moved some between the dining and dancing portions of the evening to get the right balance, and that’s fine – it’s certainly preferable to people being uncomfortable during dinner.

Consider Wedding Dinner Theme Music

Does your wedding have a particular theme, such as a beach wedding or a Christmas wedding?  If so, the dinner music is an ideal time to tie your music in with your theme.  You can have a great deal of fun if you play some steel drum or calypso music during the meal for your beach wedding.

A Christmas wedding will be even more festive if you enhance the meal with a selection of traditional Christmas carols.  And of course, an Italian wedding wouldn’t be complete without some Italian love songs by crooners like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra!

Start your dinner music on the mellow side at the beginning, then build toward more up-tempo songs as the meal progresses if you like.

This will get the guests in the mood for the dancing and festivities to come and keep them from getting too sluggish from all that wonderful food and drink!