Entrance Wedding Reception Music

The Bridal Party Introduction marks that the second part of your wedding celebration is beginning.

This is when members of the bridal party enter the wedding reception venue.

Their order of arrival is usually announced by the Master of Ceremonies, or the DJ who is emceeing your event.

Bride & Groom Entrance

The most popular choices for the Introduction include upbeat music that invites your guests to clap and make some noise.  You might even like something a little cheeky with a themed piece of music (Like the Austin Powers theme) or a powerful entrance such as Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

Most grooms enjoy putting a little strut into their entrance-the conquering bridegroom and all.  Some brides strut in alongside their new husbands, waving the bouquet and putting some kind of pizzazz into their walk.

Other brides prefer to make their entrance with poise and style, like the princess-turned queen-with a smile of course, to show off their elegance and beauty on this day of all days!

Just remember a slow song can make the entrance more elegant but less exciting. An upbeat song can be more energetic and fun!  Once the newlyweds have entered, the DJ or entertainer continues with the same type of music rhythms, or he can introduce the new couple’s own special song.

Whatever you choose, the first song played will set the tone of what’s to come. So be certain that it reflects your style and the style of your bridal party theme overall.

One last but vital word about the introductions:  Give your announcer a list of the names he will be announcing as well as a quick tutorial on pronunciation. Even write the names down with “sounds like” spelling for those unusual surnames with z’s and shovic’s.

If he’s your music DJ or entertainer for the evening, you want your guests to feel comfortable with him, and nothing shouts “Outsider!” like an MC who can’t say the names that most of your guests know.

Throughout your reception, music plays a huge role in setting the mood for a host of traditional activities.


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