Exclusively Weddings – A Quick Review

You’re planning your wedding—so just what can www.exclusivelyweddings.com offer for you?

You’re going to find that this is a site written by and for people who are thinking all about weddings, and it offers a lot of expert opinion to help you plan the perfect day.

Like most websites, Exclusively Weddings first and foremost is a sales site: It offers you great ideas and wonderful deals on the things you need to make your wedding stand out from everybody else’s while making efficient plans and staying within budget. What should you do first?

Exclusively Weddings

Getting Organized

Once the two of you have decided to tie the knot, the first thing you have to think about is how to stay organized during your planning. You’ll find a lovely 48-page durable canvas wedding planner that provides twelve monthly calendar pages so that you can start to create a wedding timeline. There are checklists for everything you need to do according to when you must do them:

  • For example, six to twelve months before the wedding, you’ve got to set a budget, reserve ceremony and reception sites, and choose your gown.
  • Seven days before the event, you need to give your final headcount to the caterer or venue, put together an emergency kit to use on your big day, and ensure that all the attendants’ travel arrangements are flowing smoothly.
  • There are all kinds of things to do in between! The book has sections for Ceremony, Flowers, Invitations, Music, Photography, Reception, and Wardrobe.

Another item that’s rather inexpensive yet generates excitement in the midst of your planning is a countdown clock. When this arrives you set it and it lets you know how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you say “I do”—and after the wedding you can use it to count down to other events.

What about creating a time capsule for the year surrounding your wedding? Let your creative juices flow in deciding what to put into this 12-inch capsule. This set provides an inventory checklist of things that are fun to include, and you can actually add anything you want such as the news of the day, photos leading up to the event, a video, and more. Why not write some messages for the future that the two of you can share when you open the capsule at a later time? This also makes a great personal gift, especially if the mother or sister of the bride or groom is trying to think of something really different.

Wedding Stationery

Before you know it, it’ll be time to notify people that the two of you are getting hitched. About six months before your wedding date, mail Save the Date cards to the people you plan to invite. Set up their names on an Excel spreadsheet so that you can organize and sort them in ways that make sense to your planning: You can have a column for his friends and relatives, her friends and relatives, friends of the parents, meal choice, response status, and so forth. You can even create mailing labels from your spreadsheet as long as you use a wedding-appropriate font for printing them. Choose a common font such as French Script or download something elegant (and free!) such as Chopin Script.

Exclusively Weddings also offers a variety of Save the Date magnets. You can personalize a magnet with your monogram or choose a cute design featuring a calendar, and they don’t cost any more to mail than a regular card.

Right after you mail your Save the Dates, it’ll be time to decide on a wedding invitation. Order them about six months before the wedding, and send them out about six weeks before your special day. Exclusively Weddings has a wide variety to choose from, including standard invitations in a variety of attractive designs, some decorated with ribbons and pockets, or do-it-yourself designs.

You will also want to choose wedding programs and place cards. Wedding programs can be imprinted however you desire. Order a traditional program to list the details of the ceremony—the prelude, the processional, and so forth, as well as the principals’ names. Then pick another one to set at people’s places at the reception; on the front you can list the menu and then personalize the reverse side by identifying specific music you’ll be playing at the reception.

Escort cards, by the way, are available when someone enters the reception to tell them their assigned table. The place card can be of similar size and design, but it is actually left at the person’s place at the table.

Tying the Knot Ideas

At Exclusively Weddings you’ll find everything you need to make your dream day come true. Many people like to choose a wedding ceremony collection, which coordinates the look of your ring bearer’s pillow, flower girl basket, a unity candle, guest book and pen, plus a garter. There are also individual sets for unity candles alone or unity sand sets. Everything you could possibly need, from a wedding aisle runner to a cake topper, is available at this amazing wedding product website.

You’ll gain endless ideas by browsing through their extensive product collection, reading the descriptions and reviews from prior customers. If you already have a color theme in mind, you can search for items by color, as well. Create an account and password and then share it with your loved one so that either one of you can sign on and bookmark favorites. It’s time to plan your wedding, and there’s no more exciting site to visit for that purpose than Exclusively Weddings.

If you are looking for music ideas for your ceremony and reception, make sure to check out the Secret Wedding Songs homepage for ideas.


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