Fast Songs for Your Wedding

Your wedding day will be the most significant day of your life; therefore, every element will need to be exactly how you plan. Traditionally the songs and music throughout the ceremony is very calm and loving. However, the reception music tends to be more upbeat and allows people to sing and dance freely.

Fast Wedding Dance Songs

Usually, Before the DJ or entertainment begins you will need to perform the first dance, which can be any song that you have chosen.

There are no rules when it comes to choosing the song for the first dance; therefore, it can be a fast wedding song if you would prefer.

Times have changed, and people no longer expect the first dance to be slow. You should choose a song that reflects both your personalities and this opens a wide range of different songs to choose.

Whether you want to choose a song from a movie, sound track, theme song or simply something that is personal to you, every style is great – Because it’s up to YOU 😀

Couples are coming up with extremely ingenious songs and dances for their first dance, which are entertaining for the guests. Although many odd dances have been done, there is plenty of scope for you to choose something unique.

If you want a fast song for your wedding dance, you need to consider if you can dance to the song. Some fast songs simply cannot be danced to comfortably, and you may end up looking odd.

Depending on your nationally and traditions that surround your wedding day will often determine the style of song that you choose. Some cultures feel that the first dance should be vibrant and energetic, to show enthusiasm for the marriage.

You and your partner may not be extremely traditional; however, if you have generations of guests at the wedding, they will love to see the traditions carried out. You have to create the perfect mix of pleasing other people and ensuring that you have the song that you want.

There is a huge array of different wedding songs available to choose, and there have been many lists compiled to help you decide. If there are no fast songs that you instantly like, however, this is the direction you want to go in with your first dance you do have options. If you research the different songs that are available, it will give you an idea of what fast songs there are for weddings. You need to ensure that both of you like the song, and will feel comfortable dancing to it.

You should also consider the length of the song, and if you and your partner will be exhausted by the end of it. Asking friends and family about the best fast song to choose will give you an idea; however, the decision should be yours. Both of you need to be a part of this decision process, as you will remember your first dance for the rest of your married life. There are some decisions regarding your wedding that can be done by the bride alone, however, the first dance is not one of them.

The Beats Per Minute Matter

TIP: BPM or “Beats Per Minute” is the best gauge of how fast a song is.

Wishing you a fun, exciting and memorable wedding day,

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