Favors for Your Wedding Reception

What will you give your guests to commemorate your wedding? Wedding reception favors represent a tradition established centuries ago by the European aristocracy. Their purpose has always been to thank the guests for attending, and their use dates back over nine hundred years!

Wedding Bears

With the earliest wedding reception favours, noble families gifted their wedding guests with tiny trinket boxes.  They were made of porcelain or even crystal, and sometimes they were inlaid with precious stones.  The boxes contained sugar cubes, which were considered to be a rare, expensive treat.  And sugar was also believed to carry tremendous medical benefits. Only royalty or the very wealthy could afford to give sugar! These boxes were known as bonboniere.

Eventually, sugar became more mundane.  People began using almonds in their bonboniere.  Sugar-coated almonds also became popular.  A gift of five almonds contained in a little box or wrapped in exquisite fabric represented happiness, fertility, longevity, health, and-of course-wealth.

Many brides choose to give almonds as traditional wedding reception favors, but you’ll see today’s version of the sugar-coated almond-the Jordan almond-wrapped in nylon netting instead of some sumptuous material.  Few people realise the meaning behind this little packet.

But most couples decide on something different, some way that’s relevant in today’s culture to “favor” your guests for coming.  What are some of the most popular choices for wedding reception favors?

  • There are, of course, many types of candies that are pre-packaged and decorated suitably for your wedding. You can choose from hard or soft mints, gum, and even packets of cocoa or lemonade.
  • Small picture frames are popular wedding reception favors. You can display your guests’ names in the frames so that they serve as place cards, and then each guest can take home his place card and use it for a favorite photo.
  • Many ecology-minded wedding couples are choosing seed packets for their guests favors.
  • It’s becoming popular to make a CD of the wedding songs you are using throughout the reception. Copy it for each guest. Like the photo frame, this is something you can label with your guests’ names for place cards that can then be taken home as the favor.

Some wedding couples design an entire theme for their wedding.  If you are creating an atmosphere for yourselves and your guests, consider these wedding reception favors that will carry on your idea:

  • For a beach wedding, fill tiny trinket boxes with little seashells.
  • If you’re planning a Monte Carlo or casino wedding theme, give your guests tiny decks of cards imprinted with your names and the wedding date.
  • Maybe one or both of you golf avidly, and your reception is held at the club where you tee off most often. Place imprinted golf balls at each place, or buy some tees and tie several together with a ribbon.
  • If your wedding occurs near a holiday, give a favor that celebrates it-such as a tree ornament near Christmas time or a little flag for a national holiday.
  • Wedding couples who are wine aficionados give bottle stoppers as favors.
  • For a fairy-tale wedding, try a tinned candle for a soft, fragrant touch.
  • At an English garden wedding, set tinned tea sachets at each place.

If there is room in your wedding program, you can include a small paragraph to tell your guests about the original significance of the wedding favors-and bid each of them many years of life filled with health, wealth, fertility, and happiness!


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