How Important is Your Wedding Entertainment

Your wedding entertainment is what’s going to get your guests up on their feet, moving and grooving, shaking it but not breaking it.

Even if they don’t dance, it’s the rhythm of the music and the patter of the DJ or band leader that will get their boo-tays up out of their chairs to mingle with others.

This is what will make or break your party atmosphere, so it’s time to decide: Will you hire a band or a DJ?

There are pros and cons to both kinds of entertainers.

Wedding Entertainment

First, we’ll talk about bands.

You can hire a full-size band, ensemble, chamber musicians, or soloists. You can choose from the smooth sound of swing music, to the toe-tapping tunes of the 80s—or another decade—or rock n roll, country, jazz, oldies, Middle Eastern, Christian, Caribbean, or just about any style you want. If you love a specific performer, you can hire a tribute band. It’s possible to hire a piano singer who will croon old standards for easy listening.

But you must beware: You can choose a band that plays any of those styles, but you cannot choose a band that plays all of them—at least, not well. Each band is known for its specific sound. So if you’re a little country, and your fiancé is a little rock n roll, it will be difficult to find one band that satisfies both of you.

As soon as you’ve decided on a location for the reception, it’s time to book entertainment. Ask your catering representative what type of wedding entertainment has worked well at that venue in the past, or if there is a limit space-wise to what they can accommodate.

It’s best to use a band you’ve heard previously at another function, or ask a friend to recommend one. If you don’t have contact information for the band, you can look in your local phone book for booking agents. Once you’ve chosen one, make certain your contract specifies who will play in the band.

If you love the lead singer of “The Hopping Strings,” for example, be certain that your contract guarantees you will have that singer at your reception. Some musical acts interchange their performers as individual schedules dictate. You should also be aware that most bands play in sets of twenty minutes or so with breaks in between. What will you do for music during the breaks?

You might also choose to book a disc jockey.

Hiring a disc jockey will be a lot easier on your wedding budget. And they offer several additional advantages.

Disc jockeys come equipped with a diverse array of music. The music is important to your guests; they have dressed up and traveled to witness your day of happiness and (hopefully) arrived with a gift for you, and you want them to enjoy themselves. They will remember afterward whether they danced or not. If all the music is hip hop, then Great Aunt Betsy—and some of the others—will have a horrible time. You must mix up the musical styles at your reception.

Most DJs are adept at moving the crowd along, and they know instinctively when to change it up from fast and furious to slow and romantic. They can have a playlist ready with the songs that are most meaningful to you. DJs are more interactive with the crowd and will get them enthused and involved with activities such as the garter toss and the cutting of the cake.

Whichever wedding entertainment you choose, don’t wait to book it! The right entertainer will set the mood for your entire event, and you want the best for your wedding day.

If you have any experiences or tips with wedding entertainment, feel free to leave them in the comments section below…

Wishing you easy planning and a great wedding day,

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