How to Choose Your Wedding Reception Music

The music at your wedding reception will play a huge part in the atmosphere created.

You probably already know how important the songs are that you choose for your ceremony and the reception music is just as important. It will create your wedding day soundtrack!

Couple Dancing First Dance

Keeping the music balanced between fun yet non tacky is an important role the DJ or Band should adhere to carefully. Giving your entertainment a solid list of Must Plays, Play if you Can and Do Not Play Songs is essential for your entertainment.

This will give them an idea of you and your guests style and also give the entertainment a list of your favourite songs that he or she can work into your reception celebration.

There are 3 Types of Music that I have found to be a winning formula for a successful Wedding Reception Celebration. They are..

Easy Listening and Dinner Songs

Used from the Start to Just after the Speeches, Nice relaxing tunes. These can be anything from Jazz, to Rock Ballads to Cafe Del Mar. Love songs are good but try not to have 3 hours straight of love songs!

This is a good part of the reception to work your favourite “easy listening songs” into the playlist.

Bit More Upbeat Songs

Used from after the Speeches up to the First Dance. You Could Dance to these songs but don’t have to. These are where the “Feet Tappers” and maybe a couple of “Hum a long to” Tunes can be used.

These usually have an easy listening style but have bit of a beat.

Dancing Songs

These songs were made for dancing. I only ever play these songs when the time is right and your entertainment should know this also. You will not be able to force people to dance at your wedding as it’s how your guests feel at the time that will decide if they dance or not. Your MC should never try to get people to dance… it should only be the music that gets them on the dance floor.

Now it’s also important to note at this point that everyone might not dance. There could be family tensions, it may be a Sunday and guests may have to work the next day or other reasons for reservation may exist.

This is very rare as everyone has given you a day of their lives and they generally want to have as much fun as you. But great music and it’s timing can do wonders!

Just remember only around 20 songs per hour is usually played by the DJ. Try and choose around 20 – 30 Must Plays to give your entertainment a little flexibility. If you want to choose all of the music your DJ will most likely recommend you use an ipod or jukebox!

A great idea a bride and groom passed onto me was to get each guest to write down two of their favourite “dancing songs” on the invitation RSVP. Then simply pass this list onto your entertainment to play at your reception.

Make sure you take out 8 minute versions of Meatloaf or Led Zeppelin 🙂

Whatever wedding songs you choose for your reception, keep your guests ears in mind! They will have to listen to your favourite songs too.

Wishing you easy planning and a great wedding day,

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