Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas

Any time a couple decides to get married there is the added excitement that comes with planning the whole wedding ceremony and the celebration afterwards.

It is easy to get caught up in the all the details and, even if you start out on a budget, it is all too easy to find yourself exceeding it.  Before you know it, you have chosen the slightly more expensive invitations, the slightly more expensive place settings, and so on.  Unfortunately, those extra few cents that you do not think amount to much all add up until your budget is so far behind you that you cannot even see it anymore.

Another reason people look for inexpensive wedding reception ideas is that many of us have to deal with the fact that we are living in uncertain economic times.  Whereas it might have all right to plan the huge extravaganza after a wedding, for many couples getting married these days, the reception has to be toned down somewhat.

Winery Wedding ReceptionBut even if you have to work within a tight budget and cannot have the luxurious wedding reception you hoped for, you can still plan for a wonderful celebration with your closest friends and family.  After all, is it not better to celebrate with those with whom you and your new spouse share a special and significant connection, rather than with a bunch of people neither of you are particularly close to or, dare we say, do not even know?

If you are looking for some inexpensive wedding reception ideas, why not consider the following list?  These will be sure to help you plan a wonderful wedding and all while operating on a budget.

Do not change location

Very often couples have their wedding receptions in beautiful locations that are complete with stunning scenery.  However, it can be a good idea to conduct the ceremony at the same location at which the reception is to be held.  In doing so, you will effectively reduce the cost of an additional venue and you will have reduced transportation costs.  For instance, you might have considered hiring a limousine service to transport the couple from the place of the wedding to the reception destination.  Instead of trying to find a limo service that is in line with your budget, and perhaps having to settle for poor service quality, why not simply eliminate the expense altogether?

Choose a weekday wedding

While weekends are always popular for weddings it is important to understand that the rates you will pay, say to a caterer for example, will be higher on a weekend than during the workweek.  You can save costs by getting married during the week rather than at the weekend.

Limit alcoholic beverages

The cost of alcohol for weddings is usually a very significant amount.  Naturally, you will want champagne, but ask yourself:  Is an open bar truly necessary?

Choose a buffet-style dinner

If you opt for a formal menu, it will usually consist of three courses and it can be rather pricey too.  You can really make your wedding reception fun and celebratory by foregoing the formal menu in favor of a buffet dinner instead.

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