iPod, iPhone & iPad Weddings For The DIY Wedding Playlist

Weddings are usually rather expensive affairs to plan and execute. There is so much involved that before you know it, costs can run into thousands of dollars, which is unrealistic for many people nowadays.

iPod Wedding

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The excitement of the engagement is soon displaced by the stress of trying to decide what venue to use, how the wedding will be catered, and so on.

Clearly, for couples operating with a restricted budget, it can all end up being quite challenging.

The costs can be very overwhelming and this is the main reason why many couples choose the DIY approach whenever possible.

An iPod wedding would fall into the do-it-yourself category, because instead of having to take on the cost of a DJ or a live band, they simply handle the music themselves.

Provided you have a laptop you can be sure that all your favorite music is going to get played, plus there is the added benefit in that your computer is not going to charge you anything for the privilege!

Also, if anyone has any last minute requests for songs, these can be quickly played simply by clicking a button. It is very convenient and cost effective, but there are some things that you need to consider before you choose to have an iPod wedding, because it involves a bit more than simply owning a laptop computer.

Consider the speakers that you have on your computer, for instance. Will they be suitable in a room filled with a lot of people?


Your minimum speaker requirement would be 400 watts, and you will also need a mixer as well. It does not end there, either, because you will also need microphones, since speeches are synonymous with weddings! You certainly do not want speeches being shouted out for lack of microphones!

Obviously, when you choose the iPod wedding idea, you need to spend time compiling the playlist. Remember, the reception is likely to last quite a few hours, so you will want a playlist that will help to create the perfect atmosphere throughout the celebrations. That means that you need to have a large enough music library to last for the whole reception without songs being repeated over and over again.

Also, the music should change at various times during the celebration, which further influences the music you choose for the playlist. Deciding on the playlist for your iPod wedding could well take a few days. You want to be sure that you have listened to the songs and placed them well, so that everything flows nicely. In order to do that you need to consider the structure of the reception, which means ensuring the right kind of music is played during the entry of the couple, during the dinner, and so forth.

Another important detail not to be missed is whether the music you will be playing is suitable for all the various age groups that will be at the reception.

You also need to consider who will control the music when it is time for the bride and groom’s first dance, or when speeches are being made.

 This is why a DJ / Band is worth the “cost”

Of course, there are distinct advantages to hiring a professional to take care of the music for you, as there is if you choose to hire a live band.

Man with Guitar at Wedding

Most come with their own PA system and all the songs you could possibly want. Wedding bands will also encourage the couple to choose songs they want to hear at their reception, and if necessary, will learn these just for their big day. Also, with experience comes the ability to be able to read a room, which simply means that a DJ or live band can tell when to adjust their sets, or when they need to interact with the guests.

Wedding DJ Playing Vinyl

DJ Spinning Vinyl – Photo by a_sorense on Flickr

A Computer or iPod Can Never Do That

As you can see, both options have their advantages.

An iPod wedding will most definitely save money, but it does require some clear planning and preparation on your part.

On the other hand, hiring the right DJ or band for your wedding reception also has to be handled with proper care and forethought.

Although there is much to consider however, it is important that you do not get so caught up in all the details that you end up forgetting to actually enjoy yourself!

We say – Hire a DJ or/and Band :)


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