Making Your First Dance Unforgettable

So you’re getting married and going through all the music to see what songs you will choose for your first dance. The wedding dance is one of the most memorable parts of a wedding reception.

First Dance

That moment is your first dance as husband and wife, it is a mark of all the dances you will have together in life. Selecting first dance wedding songs is something that takes time because the couple is looking for songs that describes their feelings for each other and the excitement they feel about beginning their new life together.

The wedding dance is more than just ritual, now many couples take dance classes in order to be able to dance together in perfect harmony. In fact many wedding couple dances are now lavishly planned and often directed by a choreographer.

Many couples already have special songs that they have enjoyed together while dating and some of them will use these as their first dance wedding songs. Whereas others may choose their special song once they begin planning their wedding. The songs chosen may be the Bride & Groom’s favorite slow dance song or a hip and trendy song they both like.

Some couples even receive customized first dance wedding song as an extra special gift from family or friends. Although any song can be used an accompaniment to a wedding video, customized songs add a very unique and personal touch. There are tons of first dance wedding songs you can consider. But what do you think would be the best song to have for your first dance at your wedding?

How do you choose?

When choosing your song for your first wedding dance, you want that song to be truly personal and not to be as the same as everyone else’s. The wedding song you choose should have meaning between you and your soon-to-be spouse.

It can be a certain song that reminds you of each other, or a song you first danced when you were still in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. You have to make this one song a very special one whatever the case may be.

One of my friends gave me a very unique idea on how to choose a first dance wedding song. She told me that both of them went through the spelling of “Forever” and picked songs with each letter of the word.

So they did their research and found all of the love songs that started with the letters of the word, which spells out F-O-R-E-V-E-R. This is how they came up with their first dance wedding songs, a medley of 7 songs. I personally think this is an excellent way of choosing first dance wedding songs.

I hope this helps you with ideas on how to go about choosing your first dance wedding songs. Make your first wedding dance one of the most precious memories of your wedding day by choosing beautiful songs and by learning a beautiful wedding dance.

This moment and the songs that you choose will be a part of your most wonderful memories, so choose first dance wedding songs that express the happiness and joy of your special day. And every time you hear your songs after your wedding day, they will bring about a feeling of nostalgia as you recall your special day.

Faced With Many Decisions

Couples are faced with a lot of decisions when it comes time to make wedding plans. Choosing a 1st dance wedding song is one of the most important! The first dance of the bride and the groom is one of the most magical moments in a wedding. It is a tradition that has been passed down for generations. The song that you and your loved one choose should be a song that is special to you. It should be a song that will leave an impression on your heart forever.

When my husband and I got married we chose a song that we had heard many years before when we first started dating. The song was by Leffty Frizzell and it was by no means a traditional wedding song; however since the song held a special place in our hearts and so we used it as our first dance song. We got many comments about it throughout the night, but no one criticised our choice.

You don’t have to go with Traditional

A 1st dance wedding song doesn’t have to be traditional at all. It is important to remember that you wedding is about you and your new spouse. Don’t worry about what other people will think. Most likely in a year or so they won’t remember anyway. Choose a song that you love and that has meaning to you and your loved one.

1st dance

For many people traditional love songs do hold a special place in their hearts. Don’t be discouraged to use a traditional love song for your first dance. Some great love songs for the first dace between the bride and the groom include…

• The wind Beneath my Wings By: Bette Midler
• I Swear By: Boys 2 Men
• Can you Feel the Love Tonight By: Elton John
• Here and Now By: Luther Vandross
• I loved you before I met you By: Savage Garden
• I’ll always be Right There By: Bryan Adams

There are many other love songs that make great first dance songs as well. If you and your partner can’t think of a song that is special to both of you then consider spending some time looking for one. Have a night in with your loved one. Cook a romantic dinner and listen to 1st dance wedding songs. This can be a very romantic date night for the two of you!

If you are having trouble locating first dance songs try looking on the internet. Many websites have a full list of first dance songs as well as clips that you can listen to. You could also visit your local music store. Many music stores have samples of the albums available for you to listen to before you purchase them. You may want to check your CD collection for love songs as well. Try filtering through your iPod also. You just might find something that you forgot about!

Remember finding a 1st dance wedding song shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Relax and have fun with it. Ask your friends for their suggestions. Find out what songs family members have danced to at their wedding and ask for suggestions. Just remember that you don’t have to take the suggestions that they give!

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