Making Your Wedding Reception Exit Shine

In show business there is a saying where you should always start the show with a high…

Such as an upbeat Bridal Party Introduction with Cheering, Clapping and even Dancing!

and always finish the show on a high..

The last dancing song of the night or a Upbeat Bridal Arch Exit.

Wedding Exit

The two most popular ways for the Bride and Groom to “leave the building” are the Farewell Circle and the Bridal Archway.

The farewell circle is the most popular out of the two as it allows the Bride and Groom to say thank you and goodbye to each and every guest who attended their reception.

Basically a circle created by the wedding guests is formed and the Bride and Groom travel around the circle (in opposite directions) to thank each and every guest. The Parents of the Bride and Groom are usually the last ones the Bride and Groom say goodbye to.

A little bit of background music (3 or 4 of the Bride and Grooms favourite songs) can accompany the goodbyes. Here is the amount of songs the DJ or Music Supplier should have cued.

  • 50 Guests – Approx 2 Songs at 5 Minutes
  • 80 Guests – Approx 4 Songs at 12 Minutes
  • 120 Guests – Approx 5 Songs at 15 Minutes

Any more guests than 120 is hard to create a circle and a Bridal Arch or Simply a Big Cheer for the Bride and Groom Works Better for the exit. When the Bride and Groom are ready to leave, the Bridal Arch (Guard of Honor) is created by the guests using their arms.

The Bride and Groom then run through the archway that their guests have created. This is great for a quick exit usually to an upbeat song. The alternative option is for the Bride and Groom to party with the guests until the music stops then the MC simply announces the Bride and Grooms Farewell.

All of the above needs to be co-ordinated by the MC and it’s important the MC wraps up the evening by thanking everyone for attending and advising of transport home, after parties and of any plans the next day.

Your MC will play a large part in making the reception run smoothly and having an MC that can confidently direct the focus of your group is essential.  Along with the introductions It’s important that your MC is available to wrap up the night with excitement filling the air. Something along the lines of “Give a huge round of applause and cheer for the newlyweds” as they leave the venue.

If the DJ is acting as MC he / she can perform this duty and it really makes a difference to the reception and how it was remembered.

I hope your wedding day is full of joy, (tasty wine) and happy memories.

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