Music for Walking Down the Aisle

For many brides, hearing the walking down the aisle wedding songs play as your attendants take their places means a triumph of organization. Arranging a wedding is a long, complicated process, and only when you hear the music begin can you realize that all the planning is over and your new life is about to start.

Walking down the aisle

Before your attendants precede you down the aisle, you have to choose them. For some couples, there is no difficulty in doing this. The choices are obvious. For others, picking attendants presents problems. Only you can answer if you have a sister or brother who will be offended if not chosen as an attendant.

The bride should select a dependable, available sister or friend as the maid of honor. If the person is already married, she is the matron of honor. It is perfectly acceptable to have both a maid and matron of honor. The groom’s best friend or brother is his best man. Etiquette dictates one usher for every fifty guests. Usually the bride chooses a coordinating number of bridesmaids, but if the attendants don’t partner off equally, that’s okay, too.

At the place chosen for the wedding, the groomsmen escort arriving guests to their seats. As guests are walking down the aisle wedding songs will be playing in the background. It’s appropriate for the usher to offer his right arm to a woman, and her male companion follows behind. For a group of women, the usher offers his right arm to the most senior woman. Notify ushers in advance of grandparents or special guests who get reserved seating. When you’re ready to begin, any siblings not in the wedding party are seated, and then the grandparents. The groom’s mother follows, and the bride’s mother is the last person to be seated before the wedding begins.

The officiant, the groom, and the best man take their places at the altar or designated spot. The groomsmen join them on the sidelines, or they can escort the bridesmaids. The most junior bridesmaid begins the procession. Her place along the sidelines will be farthest from the bride.

The next bridesmaid does not start until the first one is at least half-way up the aisle, or the entire way if the aisle is short. The spacing is similar for each bridesmaid. The maid of honor is the last bridesmaid. Then the flower girl and ring bearer can walk together, or the ring bearer can enter ahead of the flower girl. It is the flower girl who immediately precedes the bride. Traditionally she sprinkles rose petals on the bride’s pathway, but these days some simply hold a bouquet or basket of flowers.

You can be assured that all your guests will feel emotional as they turn to face the bride’s grand entrance. There’s something about that moment that captivates people even more than witnessing the vows. And you should choose the most beautiful selection for walking down the aisle wedding songs that you can find to commemorate your occasion.

With any of these songs you can walk down the aisle in radiance:

  • The Swan, Camille Saint-Saens.
  • Bach’s Sinfonia from Cantata No. 156.
  • Romeo and Juliet, movie theme song.
  • Woodland Sketches, Op. 51, No. 1, To A Wild Rose, as played by Barbagallo.
  • Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, done on piano by the O’Neill Brothers. Or check out the organ and trumpet version by Hughes and Park, and use it as a coordinating recessional.

May your wedding day be stress free and beautiful,

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