Organ Music for Your Ceremony

When some women imagine their perfect wedding, one of the things they see is an organ playing beautiful music as they walk down the aisle. Organ wedding music is dramatic, fills the space nicely, and can set the perfect mood for your wedding ceremony.

Organ Wedding Music

Organ wedding music can be especially effective for large weddings, and in large wedding spaces. Cathedrals, for example, are already beautiful and dramatic, so organ music simply adds to that, giving your wedding a breathtaking quality that your family and friends will remember forever.

The organ is one of the oldest musical instruments in existence, there’s a wide variety of music already written for the organ for couples to choose from for their organ wedding music. As the organ changed and developed throughout history, the music choices expanded, and composers found new ways to express themselves through this single instrument.

In the twentieth century, composers and organists transcribed songs and improvised hymns for the organ. This made songs available for the organ that were previously only available for piano or other instruments. That means good news for couples! With the long history of organs, you can find almost anything you want when selecting your organ wedding music.

When selecting organ wedding music, you should use the same considerations you would if you were selecting for piano, string quartet, or any other instrument. Think about how the song will be used in your ceremony, and what you want that part of your wedding to say through music.

Just as you probably choose something sweet and reflective for your prelude or processional if you were using piano, you should do the same with organ music. And just as a piano recessional would be celebratory and upbeat, an organ recessional song gives you the opportunity to use the organ to its fullest ability!

One thing to watch out for, however, is that organ wedding music can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Despite being beautiful and dramatic, it can be loud, and if your wedding is small, the sound may overwhelm the space you’re using. If this is a concern for you, though, you can speak with your organist about it. Ultimately, you need to be happy with your choices, so if you want organ wedding music, then you can find a way to include it.

If your local church includes an organ, chances are there’s also an organist. He or she can be an excellent resource for you in selecting organ wedding music. Not only will your organist have an idea of what music would be fitting for your wedding, but may even be able to play the organ at your wedding. This can be helpful because he or she will already be familiar with the church’s location, and the specific organ in the church. And whatever you can do to make your planning easier, the better!

The music you select for your wedding is important. After all, music is what speaks to people, and it’s often what your guests remember more than anything else about your ceremony. And the right organ wedding music can make your special day spectacular!

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