Popular Indian Wedding Songs

Have you been searching for the most popular Indian wedding songs? Stop searching! Below is a list of the top 20 Indian wedding songs. Sure… some are a little Bollywood, most of the words you won’t understand unless you speak the language… but they sound great!

You can celebrate your wedding with Indian wedding dance songs whether you or your betrothed calls India your home, or even if you come from another culture but admire the Indian and Hindu traditions. Indian weddings are steeped in ritual, full of light, color, scents, and music.

Indian Bride

In the Hindu culture, the wedding is the second of four life stages. In India, the joining together of a man and woman is meant to last a lifetime. It signifies not only the couple’s union but also a joining of families and a celebration of this bond within the community.

Once an engagement has been made—whether it is a love match or an arranged match—the priest’s advice is often sought to set a wedding date. Leading up to the wedding day are several preparatory rituals.

The wedding day itself is a lengthy affair beginning with the groom’s arrival to show his readiness for marriage. The bride’s father pours water to show his daughter is leaving his home, and he asks the groom to help the bride achieve spiritual understanding in life.

The seven pheras are performed around a blessed fire that beseeches God’s blessing: The bride and groom trace seven circles around the fire and make seven promises to one another. Vermillion or sindoor color is used on the skin, and the mangalsutra—a gold ring woven onto a yellow threat—is given to the bride in this part of the ceremony.

Today’s weddings incorporate as much or as little of ancient traditions desired by the respective families. In fact, since 1954 it has been legal for Hindus to marry non-Hindus as long as specific legal conditions are met.

Beyond the basic rituals, you can choose many ways to celebrate your union—modern or traditional, romantic or festive, formal or casual. But the music is central to everyone’s enjoyment. Choose from these wonderful songs to make your day rich in meaning.

As the groom reaches the wedding destination, a hand drum called a dholak can be played to celebrate his arrival, or you can choose something simple yet beautiful such as Sin Sime Pani Man.

Mohd sings a wonderful ballad celebrating the incomparable love a father bears for his daughter. In Babul Ki Duaayein Leti Ja the father wishes that his daughter’s marriage will be so happy that she will never miss her family home.

The 2001 movie Jodi No. 1 tells the story of a family mixed up with men who are not what they seem, but it gives us several great Indian wedding dance songs, including the lyrical Laal Chunariya.

You can also choose from the beautiful Tera Dilbar Tera Saathi from 2003’s Yeh Dil, about two college students who fall in love.

Another wonderful wedding movie, 1994’s Hum Aapke Hain Koun, offers its solemn theme song as well as the upbeat Didi Tera Devar Deewana. Look for a soundtrack of this movie for additional Indian wedding dance songs, such as Joote Dedo Paise Lelo, played when the bride’s sisters redeem the groom’s shoes after the ceremony.

In one of our favorites, Gaitree Audho sweetly sings “Agar Maanu Vachan,” telling the blessed couple: “Should you listen to these few words, your life will be benefited in this world. Bride and bridegroom, should you live up to these laws, you would be blessed in the world…”

Music is essential to enriching the union that the two of you are creating. May your wedding day be fun, exciting and everything you dreamed.


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