The Mother and Son Dance

People tend to focus on the dance between the bride and her father.

But just as important is the honour the groom pays to the woman who raised him. There are many beautiful mother and son dance wedding songs available to choose from.

Mother Son Dance

Your mother has a moment of honor before the nuptials, when she is seated just before the procession takes place. But you can showcase your love for her again, at the reception. The groom’s turn with his mother takes place immediately after the bride has danced with her father. Sometimes the groom and his mother can have their dance at the same time as the bride and her father, but it’s nicer to separate these dances.

What about the groom who has both a mother and stepmother? Many men find themselves in this situation with today’s adjustable families. He can choose to honor both of these women by selecting two songs. The DJ can help with an arrangement to play one of the mother and son dance wedding songs while the groom dances with his mother and escorts her back to her husband. As the song switches he then takes his stepmother onto the floor and dances with her.

Depending on your mother and her personal style, you can choose something either upbeat or slow. Here’s a look at our favorite mother and son dance weddings songs:

A Song for Mama by Boys II Men.

This is a slow, modern song with an easy rhythm that says, “You taught me everything, and everything you’ve given me, I always keep it inside…”

Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion.

These beautiful vocals talk about “For all the joy you brought to me…for all the love I found in you…you’re the one who held me up and never let me fall.” What truer thing is there to say about what your mother has done for you?

Close to You by the Carpenters.

In a song that’s a little less emotional, Karen Carpenter’s even, rich voice sings, “On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true…” This is just what every mom thinks of her son when she brings him into the world!

I’ll Always Love My Mama by the Intruders

This will do the trick for moms and sons who want an upbeat ode to the woman who “never made it through the week when she never ever got a good night’s sleep…she taught me little things…”

Times of Your Life by Paul Anka

is a smooth, classic standard that says “It’s hard to find the memories you left behind…do you remember the times of your life…”

Wind Beneath Your Wings is best known performed by Bette Midler

But if you’re looking at mother and son dance wedding songs consider the version by Lee Greenwood as he croons, “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?…I can fly higher than an eagle…but you are the wind beneath my wings…”

I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera

tells us, “When I’m lost in the rain, in your eyes I know I’ll find the light…” in this poignant homage to someone who’s always there for you.

Baby of Mine by Bette Midler

actually comes to us from Disney’s Dumbo movie, but the tune invokes something sweet from childhood that will comfort and uplift everyone watching with words like “Rest your head, close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine…”

Mama Said by the Shirelles

is an up-tempo Sixties tune about the advice you got from your mama that someday you’d meet someone: “Mama said there’ll be days like this, my mama said.”

Whether you decide to go with a bitter sweet turn on the floor with your mother or a more upbeat cutting of the rug, choose one of these favourite mother and son dance wedding songs.

Your memories of this special dance with your mother will last a lifetime.

All the best with your special day,

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