The Wedding DJ and Tips for Choosing One

You’ve decided that a wedding DJ will provide the best variety of entertainment at your reception!

Good for you, now you can make choices that will put the finishing touches to your wonderful day.

Wedding DJ

Look at these facts: A survey showed that before the wedding, many brides gave little thought to their wedding entertainment; they focused on attire, flowers, and the menu. After the wedding, 82% of brides wished they’d paid more attention to the entertainment. And a simultaneous survey of wedding guests showed that 81% of them remembered the entertainment more than anything else at the wedding.

No matter which type of wedding DJ you choose, you want one who can act as a master of ceremonies for your reception. You are hiring someone who will follow your schedule of events and make all the announcements. He will add a touch of poignancy to the bridal waltz and the dances between the bridal couple and their parents. He will sprinkle the fun into the garter and bouquet tosses. He’ll get people moving if things seem to be lagging.

But a DJ can do all those things and still bring his own style to your reception. You can look for the type of DJ best suited for your preferences.

A basic DJ can be counted upon to bring his own equipment, including backup equipment, plus an extensive assortment of widely varied music. Prior to the wedding, he will ask you for your musical choices. Tell him what songs you love and which ones you hate, and you can give him a list of the songs he should play during various activities at the reception, such as the garter toss.

If ethnic or other unusual pieces are important to you, let him know ahead of time so that he can locate them. Discuss with him whether you will arrive early to greet your guests, or if you will make a later, grand entrance. He needs to know any time-outs you need for photos, whether you want the bar open during dinner, and any activities your parents want to include.

He will also emcee the group dance music that people love to hear at receptions.

Whether or not you like them, songs such as YMCA, the locomotion, running a conga line, or doing the nutbush are popular wedding traditions. If you really, really don’t want them, your DJ can tactfully tell guests who request them he’s working from a playlist and he’ll get to it if time allows.

Your DJ can dress in keeping with the overall musical theme you’ve requested. If you’ve asked him to play classical or easy listening standards, he can dress in a suit. If you want him to rock on with chart toppers, he can dress in jeans and an attractive shirt. DJs are equipped to provide all types of music, so let him know what style is your favorite.

Additional services your DJ can provide might include a lighting system that will put real sparkle over your dance floor. You can even arrange for a light show.

Other DJs can bring karaoke equipment for your guests to have fun with. Or he can supervise the guests’ recording their wishes on video. He can also make you a memory CD of the songs you will always want to remember from your wedding.

Wedding DJs specialize in taking the imaginings that you and your fiancé have for your reception and making them come true. Your DJ’s creativity can be the hallmark for a successful reception that everyone will remember fondly. For heaps of wedding song ideas, make sure to check out the front page of Secret Wedding Songs.

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