Three Fun Ways to Give Away Your Wedding Bouquet

Years ago, giving away the bridal bouquet was de rigueur at any wedding.  For today’s brides, tossing the bridal bouquet has become optional.

About ten years ago, it became trendier not to throw the bouquet because people worried about offending unmarried friends by singling them out as such.

Bouquet Throw

Happily, however, bouquet tossing has come back into style.

If you’ve decided to hold the bouquet toss, what are the three most fun ways to give away your wedding bouquet? We have some fabulous ideas for you right here.

1.    Traditional Bouquet Toss

Why not opt for the traditional bouquet toss? Your wedding DJ will call for all single ladies to come up to the dance floor. You might even want to have him ask for all eligible ladies to present themselves, and that way you’re not identifying anyone as single, widowed, divorced, or something in between.

You’ve got to have a fun song with it, of course.  To commemorate this occasion as one in which the ladies are getting a bit naughty, ask the DJ to play something fun and bouncy.

•    It’s Raining Men by the Pointer Sisters
•    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
•    Lady Marmalade by Pink, Mya, Christina Aguilera, and L’il Kim.
•    This One’s For the Girls by Martina McBride (for a little country twist)
•    Dancing Queen by ABBA
•    Ladies Night by Kool and the Gang
•    Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups (for something really retro)
•    Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble (for something a little more restrained)
•    Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
•    Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison

You’ll find more Bouquet Toss song ideas here.

Now, the trick is that you really don’t want to toss away the beautiful bouquet that you chose to walk up the aisle. And there’s a less expensive alternative to paying the florist for a throwaway bouquet. Instead, get one of your older female relatives like a great auntie to make a bouquet with flowers made out of tissue paper.

It’s a way to give one of your older relatives some recognition for a role in the wedding—you can thank her in your wedding program for creating the beautiful throwaway bouquet.

2.    Honour Someone Special

Use your bouquet toss to single out someone really special to you.  You and your groom can discuss this together, because it can be someone on either side of your families. If there’s a special lady out there, perhaps someone who has been like another mother to one of you, someone who has achieved something recently or overcome an illness, or perhaps a great-grandmother, awarding her the bouquet would be a gracious gesture.

Your wedding DJ will know the perfect way to announce this event and introduce the lady in question.  An alternative option is to hold an anniversary dance. This is when all married couples are called to the dance floor, and the DJ calls for those who have been married less than a year, up to five years, up to 10 years, and so on, to be seated. The last couple standing will be the couple married the longest, and you can give them the bouquet.

3.    Make It a Ladies Special

Getting back to the idea that you don’t want to line up all your unmarried female friends as exhibits on your dance floor, why not go one better and turn it into a Sadie Hawkins event?

You can first call all eligible females to the dance floor and have them participate in a line dance such as the Boot Scootin’ Boogie by Brooks and Dunn or maybe the Nutbush by Tina?

Too Cheesy?

We Are Young by fun is another good choice.

Let everybody know that the music will fade out in a minute and you’ll be tossing the bouquet. After it’s caught, all the ladies can disperse and find a male partner to bring to the dance floor as the song continues.

You can even appoint some uncles or male cousins as ready escorts for any ladies who seem like they don’t know whom to ask. You not only have a great time tossing the bouquet, and you also get everybody up and dancing!

Any of these events will provide lots of laughter and opportunity for chat afterward.

These are the activities that will make your wedding day memorable—the things that you and your friends will talk about long after the last guest has had the last hug of the night.

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