Three Things That Will Add Spark to Your Wedding Reception

You’ve got plenty of excitement going on right now—but there are even more sparks in the air than those that the two of you ignite when you’re together. You’ll want to bring some of that charisma to your wedding reception with a bit of classical elegance that will light up the evening for everyone. Here are some exciting touches you can add to your special day:

Highlight Your Monogram

There’s a special name for the lighting template that’s created to display a monogram on the floor or wall at a wedding reception.

Dance floor Gobo for Wedding

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It’s called a gobo, which means “Goes Before Optics,” and your wedding DJ can most likely help you arrange for it.

You can choose from a variety of gobo designs to highlight the name that you will share from that day forward.  The most common design features the single initial of the last name set amidst elegant scrollwork to accentuate it. Some people opt for the single initial flanked by the names of the bride and groom. Yet others include the date.

There are few better and easier ways to turn an otherwise plain room turn into a sophisticated reception venue. Once you’ve chosen the design of the gobo, you can decide whether to use clear light or select a coloured light to add just the right touch of fun and pizzazz. You can incorporate into an up-lighting package to bring some real pop to the room, and a gobo is a surprisingly inexpensive add-on.

Talk to your wedding DJ or lighting artist about it.

Add Some Spark—With Real Sparks

If you want to add spark to your wedding reception, have you considered fireworks?

Wedding Fireworks

Wedding Fireworks – Image by indi on Flickr

The logistics of your wedding venue will have to accommodate a fireworks display, and you’ve got to have at least another two thousand bucks in your budget. Wedding fireworks run anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000—or even more—so if you’re asking to see a filmed demonstration from a vendor, be certain to watch a show of fireworks that fits your price range.

If you don’t have quite that much extra money, or the great outdoors to set off fireworks, why not try some sparklers?

You will want to get wire sparklers because they emit less smoke, and the 36-inch ones last about four minutes.

You’ll have to reconfigure your plans if your idea is to light up a heart-shaped sparkler, because there really is no such animal. While you can find sparklers bent into heart shapes, keep in mind that sparklers ignite the same way as a dynamite fuse and, once lit, the light will travel around the wire that’s bent into the design. That means the entire heart will never at any time be completely lit.

Nevertheless, traditional sparklers create a fierce display, whether you place them in glass bottles on tables so that guests can “ignite your love” or have everyone who wants to participate light one and wave it about to draw hearts and scrolls in the air. A sparkler ceremony among your guests makes a wonderful way to send everyone off when the reception ends, by the way.

Let Everyone Make a Wish For You

Another way to add spark to your event is to launch wish lanterns.

Floating Wish Lantern

Photo by locket479 on Flickr

They cost about four dollars each, depending where you live—somewhere in the middle of inexpensive sparklers and high-end fireworks.

If you have an outdoor venue you can buy dozens for your guests to launch. If you only have a small area on the outside of your reception hall, arrange for your wedding party or some chosen family and friends to light and launch them as the others watch. It’s a good idea to have your wedding planner or wedding DJ coordinate this venture.

Most wish lanterns, which are also called sky lanterns, are made from biodegradable material. They are treated with flame retardant so that they are safe for the environment, but they are definitely not for indoor use. Practice with them a couple days before the wedding so that you won’t fumble with them at your reception. No matter who is releasing the lanterns, you can lay them out at your reception and allow the guests to write good wishes for you on them.

That way when they’re launched, the sky will be alight with the very best wishes as you begin your future together.

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