Throwing the Bouquet at a Wedding

Since Ancient Times, the flower bouquet has been an integral part of a wedding. Greeks and Romans used herbs along with flowers, the herbs signifying a certain trait or behaviour. The throwing aspect of the bouquet seems to be an American tradition. When the bouquet is thrown, usually with the bride facing backwards towards the “available” ladies, whoever catches it would be next in line for marriage.

Bride Ready for the Bouquet Throw

The tradition has taken many forms over the decades. Some use fresh flower bouquets; others, silk flowers. The choice is really up to the bride or whom the bride has planning the wedding. When the flowers are thrown is also in accord with the bride’s wishes, but it seems the usual time is during the reception, following the meal and the cutting of the cake.

You can discuss this matter with your mother or friend, or even someone you know who has just had a wedding. If you’ve never been to a wedding, it is always good to count on experience. Your wedding is just that – yours. You can call the shots and it’s your choice when you want to have the bouquet throw.

The garter throw is usually before or after the bouquet is thrown. This tradition dates to probably the 14th century in Europe, when the bridesmaids tried to get a piece of the bride’s gown. The men also fought for her garter, which the groom had to hastily pull off before harm was done. So you see, tradition is what most weddings are about. The throwing of the flowers is most likely the oldest, where Roman weddings had the bride adorned with flowers on her head, and after the wedding she would toss them to her ladies-in-waiting.

You can have a song to go along with both the bouquet throw and the garter toss. If you don’t want the garter toss, then forget about it. Let’s just concentrate on a song for the bouquet give away.

There are so many wonderful songs of promise you can use, such as, “Ladies Night” by Kool and the Gang, which is fun, or even, “Wild Women Do”, by Natalie Cole, or try, “The Theme From Rocky” by Ray Conti.

Make the song fun; get the crowd worked up, have the throw announced, get the girls all lined up and ready. This is your wedding, and making it memorable is what it’s all about. You husband-to-be can choose a garter song, but only if you approve. He’d better get used to the idea, right?

The bouquet throw can be a very pleasant and fun experience for all who attend the reception. Single ladies are the only ones allowed to catch the bouquet, and make sure they have plenty of room so there is no jostling or shoving. It’s supposed to be fun, not harmful. What would be ironic is if a single lady who has been married several times catches the thrown bouquet!

All in all, the bouquet throw is about fun and laughter.

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