Tips for a Better Best Man Speech

Well, it’s your turn to speak Mr Best Man. Don’t think a little Dutch courage will get you through your speech because all eyes are on you buddy! Do you talk up the Groom? Not to let any of your audience know what silly things you and him have really done together? Or do you tell the truth of how it really was?

Are you going to try to be funny? Do you think you can wing it?

Bestman Wedding Speech

Well.. It’s all up to you. Probably the only thing you really have to do is sit down with a few beers or a bottle of wine (or both) one night and write. Yup.. that simple.

Write everything that comes to mind, mainly the good & hilarious times. You don’t want to get all emo on the wedding guests now so don’t write about the bad times.

Write stories. Fill up your best man wedding speech with the fun things you did and try to leave the really risque parts out of the speech. i.e. anything to do with the groom & other women!

Now once you’ve written all you can, take out about 2 or 3 of the most entertaining stories, grab a couple of one liner jokes or Confucius proverbs from the internet and then type / write out your whole speech on 1 piece of A4 paper. Why 1? So the other sheets don’t get lost.

Hey.. It happens!

Are you uncomfortable talking to a crowd? Who cares.. Just imagine everyone naked.. including yourself. Well look, that can work and alcohol may work also but you’ll probably slur your way through without any inspiring sentences for your audience.

My honest advice is to be tough. Focus on the general message you want to get across. In no less than two minutes and no longer than 10 minutes. Be bold, be truthful and if you love the spotlight.. it’ll be easy…

If your a little shy.. Just remember.. Relax, Talk into the Mic, Shut Your Eyes and Read Your Notes. Well maybe leave your eyes open, but seriously.. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks!

Although you will talk about the Groom in your Best Man Speech mostly, make sure you mention the Bride and a maybe add a quick little story about her too.

If no one has toasted the bridesmaids.. make sure you add that too.. Just a simple little “And don’t the Bridesmaids look Beautiful tonight?..” Everyone will clap.. and if they don’t.. say it again and wait for a response…

So.. You can make it more complex if you like but that’s a summary of what makes a compelling best man speech.. Spoken from the heart!

If you need a little inspiration for your speech writing, check out Wedding Speech 4U. They have heaps of ready made templates to use straight away. Just replace a couple of words and you are good to go!

All the best with your Best Man Wedding Speech and may the beers flow endlessly…

(After you’ve made you best man speech of course).

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