Tips for a Fun Reception Agenda

If you are wondering how to create a brilliant reception agenda there are many things to consider. Many events take place during a wedding reception. These things include cutting the cake, speeches, dancing, and much more. Organising the event is very important so you don’t forget anyone or anything.

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When everyone arrives to the wedding reception it is expected that the event will last around 5 hours. As people arrive to the party photos of all of the couples and friends will be taken. Formal photos are also taken at this time. Everyone will mingle and find the place that they will be seated throughout the party. This will last for about an hour and then dinner will begin.

The Meal

When you are wondering how to create a brilliant reception agenda the next thing you need to organise is dinner. Dinner will begin with an announcement of the bridal party and the bride and groom.

The father of the bride is usually the person that will welcome everyone to the reception and thank them for attending. It is common for people to do a toast here or say a blessing over dinner at this point. The first course will be served and the best man will make a toast. If anyone else is going to make a toast it will be after the best man. The main course will be served after the toasts have taken place.

After the guests have had a chance to enjoy their meal, the dancing will begin. The first dance is always the bride and groom only. Some couples like everyone to join in after the first dance or after the bride and groom have had the opportunity to enjoy their time alone for a brief dance.


The dancing usually goes on for about 45 minutes to an hour. After the dancing the cake will be cut and served to the guests. The bride and groom will have a moment to thank all of the guests for coming to the ceremony and the reception and the dancing will continue.

When you plan how to create a brilliant reception you cannot just end the reception with people leaving after the dancing. There are other things that need to take place first. The bride must toss the bouquet or the garter. The groom should remove the garter if the bride is wearing one.

All guests will enjoy a final dance together and then there will be a farewell to all from the DJ at the end of the reception. The farewell is where everyone meets at the steps and sends the bride and groom off to their car awaiting on the street.

Creating a brilliant wedding reception requires you to organise the event in a way that you don’t forget anything that needs to be done. It is traditional for events like the cutting of the cake, the bride and groom to have a dance, toasts to be made, speeches, a bouquet toss, and many more things to take place.

Organizing these things will ensure that you were successful with the planning of the reception.

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