Tips for Choosing Father and Daughter Dance Songs

Perhaps the greatest symbolic moment of your wedding day is your departure from the family nest. You are moving from the arms of your parents to those of your loved one as you begin a family of your own.

That is why father and daughter dance wedding songs are so vital to the emotion of this wonderful occasion.

Father daughter dancing

When you choose a song, think about what your father has meant to you as you’ve grown up. Perhaps he has always been there for you. You’ve been his little girl and his princess. Anything that might have gone wrong in your life has been rectified by him.

Maybe he’s been a more stiff-upper-lip type of guy. When you’ve come to him for comfort about being slighted at school or some other problem, he’s told you to find a way to fix things. He expects that he’s given you the resources to right the wrongs in your life.

And maybe there are a lot of things about him that aren’t perfect. But at least you know that you love him, and he loves you.

Some girls have grown up with two fathers. For some young ladies, their biological father is the man who has guided them to womanhood, whether or not he’s been present in the home. And their stepfather has provided just as much love and care.

Consider yourself truly blessed if you can have both these men at your wedding. Even if your biological father gives you away, you can dance with both of your fathers as part of the traditional father and daughter dance wedding songs…just have your DJ segue from one song to another.

So, then, let’s take a look at some father and daughter dance wedding songs—who’s singing them, their titles, and most importantly, the meaning behind each one. Because this song says a lot about the love between you and your dad!

Aaron Lines – You Can’t Hide Beautiful
A little more country, this song says that even if you’re make-up’s gone, you can’t hide beautiful and what you mean to your dad.

Al Martino – Daddy’s Little Girl
This is very much a standard, Fifties’ style waltz, so your dad can proclaim that you’re the end of the rainbow, his pot of gold.

Tim McGraw – Daddy’s Little Girl
Check out this version for a completely different sound that’s a little bit country.

Amy Grant – Father’s Eyes
This is a sweet pop rock ditty for daughters who do look like their daddies.

Paul Simon – Father and Daughter
Simon croons here, “As long as one and one is two, there will never be a father who loves his daughter more than I love you.”

Van Morrison – Brown-Eyed Girl
This is for the hipper dad who doesn’t want a slow, schmaltzy waltz…and you do need to have brown eyes for this!

Bette Midler – In My Life
The Divine Miss M’s cover of this Beatles’ classic tells how there are places in your life that you’ll always remember, though some are gone and some have changed.

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You
A tear jerker of a song about moving on to a new love even though the old one will always love you…or check out the original, country-style, by Dolly Parton.

Steve Kirwan – My Little Girl
A beautiful song about how even though you’ve found your place in the world, you’ll always be his little girl…

Teresa James – You’re My Hero
A ballad celebrating how you’ve always looked up to your dad, how he chased the monsters from your room and…always been there…

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely; or You Are the Sunshine of My Life
The first one is what Steve wrote when his daughter was born, and it’s a pure and simple ode to father-daughter love. And if you don’t like that one, try the second one, which proclaims that you’ll forever be in your dad’s heart.

Listen to samples of all these songs with your father and make a choice together. The father and daughter dance wedding songs will be among the most remembered moments of your reception.

All the best choosing your wedding music,

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