Unique Wedding Theme Ideas

Weddings are wonderful because they are all about two people sealing the love that they share with a lifetime commitment. As you make your plans, remember that you are embarking on an amazing adventure that will take you to your wedding day and far, far beyond it-to a lifetime of happiness. But before you get to the beyond, you have to plan the wedding day!

First, the two of you need to sit down and make certain decisions about your wedding day plans. Are you thinking of a specific theme for your wedding? Will it be elegant and stylish or cute and charming? How many guests will you invite? The number of guests affects the number of attendants. Etiquette calls for one bridesmaid and one usher/groomsman for every forty to fifty guests.

Will you have your wedding and reception at the same venue, or will you get married in a church and then adjourn to a reception hall?

Bridesmaids holding flowers

Other options that people consider are the season of the year, a wedding date close to a specific holiday or special date, ethnic background, a hobby or profession, or a specific colour theme. You’ll be deciding whether to have a buffet dinner or a served dinner. And cocktail hours are becoming more and more de rigueur.

What will your guests remember most about your wedding day?

Polls show that most people remember the musical entertainment. And it’s probably no coincidence that the entertainment is the one part of the wedding that most couples plan together. In truth, brides have the greater responsibility for selecting their gown, the attendants’ colours, their flowers, wedding stationery, decorations, and many other details. But the grooms become very much involved in choosing the venue and music.


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