Wedding Cake Ideas

A multi-tiered wedding cake superbly decorated is an integral part of a couple’s wedding, however the cost can cause endless nights of no sleep.

Here are some tips to saving some money on your wedding cake.

Wedding Cake

In case your heart is placed on the three tiered cake that feeds 100, order it with plain whitened frosting, no adornments, then you can decorate it with flowers at the reception. Or else you can wrap a length of lace around each layer, as if you would a ribbon. (Obviously take away the lace before cutting).

Stay with fundamental tastes and fillings, as exotic tastes will increase the overall price of the wedding cake.

Source your ingredients from the supermarket as opposed to a bakery.

Another tip is if you place an order in a cake shop or bakery for a cake – don’t mention it’s a “wedding cake” You can always get the cake half made and then add the icing yourself.

Based on the number of portions you’ll need, order a complete sheet cake (100 portions), one half sheet cake (50 portions) along with a quarter sheet cake (25 portions), all iced in white. Put the half sheet around the full sheet cake and so the quarter sheet on the top.

Use ready-to-use frosting that is available in a can that has a nozzle to the touch up any mistakes.
Consider offering several tastes of frozen treats. It’s fun and festive.

Have an acquaintance, or several buddies bake the wedding cake using various dimensions of heart formed pans. Each could be iced in shades of pale pink, pale lilac, cream, and whitened. The cakes are put on the table engrossed in a lace cloth. Rose flower petals in pinks, cream, and lilac – or whatever colors fit your color plan are scattered between your cakes.

There are so many options!! – Best wishes with your Cake Making :)

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