Wedding Disco Songs

While disco first became popular in the 1970s and peaked during the latter half of that decade, it’s still a genre of music that is quite popular today. In fact, you may be surprised to find that wedding disco songs are quite popular at wedding receptions when couples want to give guests the ability to let loose on the dance floor.

If you’re a fan of disco, why not choose some great songs for your reception so you can disco the night away in celebration. Here is a closer look at disco history, reasons to choose these songs for your wedding, and a look at some of the top disco tunes you’ll want to include.

Disco Dancing

A Bit of Disco History

Disco is considered to be a type of dance music and just a few of the musical influences for this genre include soul music, Latin music, and funk. This genre of music came about as a reaction against rock music’s domination. Within New York City, the Latino, black, and gay communities started this type of music in their clubs and soon the music was embraced by women and other popular groups. Soon disco style clubs would start popping up in the New York City area. Just a few of the top disco performers include the Village People, Donna Summer, KC and the Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor, The Bee Gees, The Jacksons, and Van McCoy.

Over time, the making of films like Thank God It’s Friday and Saturday Night Fever would begin to take disco to mainstream America. At this point, many “non-disco” artists began recording some disco songs as this genre became popular. Soon people across America were going to clubs with disco balls and dancing the night away to exciting disco tunes.

Why Choose Disco Wedding Songs?

As you are choosing the songs for your wedding, you may not be sure if you should add wedding disco songs to the songs played at your reception. However, there are several great reasons for choosing a few of these songs. One reason to go with a few great disco tunes is offer your guests some time to break loose and have some fun. Wedding disco songs offer everyone the perfect time to have some fun out there on the dance floor. It will be easy to keep your wedding party going with songs that keep the energy going.

Did you or your spouse get involved in the disco scene? Maybe you both simply love this type of music. If so, these are both great reasons to go ahead and add a few wedding disco songs to the dance mix at your reception. The songs you choose are a reflection of both of you, so why not go ahead and choose a few of your favourites. After all, there are many great hits to choose from when it comes to disco.

Top Disco Songs to Play at Your Wedding Reception

With so many great disco songs out there, it may be tough to narrow it down to a few choices. To help you choose some of the best wedding disco songs, here are five of the top disco tunes that everyone is sure to enjoy:

– “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

– “Last Dance” by Donna Summer

– “Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel” by Tavares

– “Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gees

– “Disco Inferno” by Trammps

Most importantly, Enjoy getting your groove on :)

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