Wedding Games – Are They Right for You?

Should you incorporate games into your wedding reception or not?

Look it’s up to you and honestly they can add a little bit of fun and interaction for your wedding guests… but only after the main formalities (Such as First Dance, Speeches and Cake Cutting).

I personally think a game to accompany the Bouquet and Garter Toss are just fine. Games outside of these two traditions could be risky (in a tacky sense) but only you can gauge your guests likes and dislikes.

A younger crowd is generally easier to get involved in wedding games.

Here are a couple of ideas that I have used with great success at receptions…

Garter Removal and Toss Games

* Best Belly Dancer
This is where the Single and unmarried guys remove their shirts shirt & slide pants down under stomach to do the best belly dancing. The winner is determined by best applause or judges.

* Shoes in the circle
All of the Single and Unmarried guys throw their shoes into a circle, mixing them up, on signal retrieve, retrieve your shoes, put them back on and first back to bride is the winner. Make sure the shoes are not near anything that can fall over (Like the cake).

Bouquet Toss and Giveaway Games

Bouquet Catch

* Traditional Bouquet Throw
The bouquet throw involves the bride to turn her back to the girls (single and un-married) before she throws her bouquet over her shoulder. The one who catches the bouquet is said to be the next one in line to be married.

* Longest Married
Invite all the married women onto the dance floor. Now start eliminating them by asking “All women married one year or less, please be seated” and working your way through until there is only one woman left (besides the bride) on the floor. Find out how long she has been married, announce it over microphone then give her the bouquet.

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