Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

There are so many ways to make your wedding reception decorations amazing. The centrepieces are a very important part of the decorations that you may want to give a lot of consideration. When choosing centrepieces, the best choices are usually floral arrangements, candles, and even water fountain fixtures.

These tend to bring in the mood of love and people absolutely love them.

Beautiful Wedding Dress

Centrepieces are an excellent way to give your wedding reception decorations that beautiful edge. This is because they enhance the overall theme and people tend to pay more attention to them. It is very common for the centrepiece to be a gift to the guests of the party to take home with them. This gives them something to remember the wedding by and keep for a very long time.

Centrepieces and Candles

One of the best centrepieces that can make your wedding reception decorations amazing is a pillar candle. You may choose one or even want to choose many. The biggest response for candles that are favoured the most are the personalised candles about the wedding.

These are tall pillar candles with inscriptions on the side of the candle of the bride and groom’s name, the date, and more. These are excellent gifts for guests and they are usually never used but kept as memorabilia of the event.

Centrepieces and Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are another way to make your wedding reception decorations amazing. One of the things that you need to consider is that when you use flowers you cannot arrange them too high on the table. It is common for flower centrepieces to be too high and people cannot see each other on the other side of the table.

Shorter guests may have a hard time seeing the stage or the bride and groom. Also, flowers are beautiful and make a wonderful statement but be sure that you don’t have any guests with bad allergies. This can make the reception a miserable time for them if they have allergies.

Centrepieces and Fountain Fixtures

Fountain fixtures are absolutely wonderful and they set a very romantic mood. This is difficult for many people because you need to bring electricity to each of the tables unless you can find fountains that are battery operated. Also, if you want fountain fixtures you need to take into consideration that they are not too loud.

One may not seem too bad but if you have one on each table then all of them together may be annoying and create a distraction. Fountain fixtures are a big favorite to make your wedding reception decorations amazing but you need to plan this just right.

When you choose your wedding reception decorations it is important to choose the right centrepieces for each table. The last thing you want to do is create a distraction or a problem for the guests. The decorations should be simple, speak romance, and be an excellent gift that the guests can take home with them. It makes sense to give them as gifts because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on centrepieces and then throw them all away.

Other Wedding Ideas

Your wedding the day you have been dreaming of since pigtails: Pledging your love and affection for lifetime was the easy part – planning an event to remember is the the tough part!

Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding reception ideas can come from anywhere and everything. Your special day should not be a cookie cutter event but a chance to really show guests what you and your finance are all about. There are many reception ideas that you can use to incorporate this from the lighting to the décor to music and guest interaction.

Reception Colours

From the moment that the guest opens up the invitation, the first thing that is noticed is your color scheme. You can really personalize your colors and then showcase them for a great wedding reception idea. Think seasonal colors such as rich autumn coppers and teals and purples or maybe ice blue and pristine white for a winter wonderland.

Maybe the two of you met in college and want to use your alma mater’s school colors to make it more personal. It could be as simple as using your favorite color. Do not be afraid to play around with color.

Grab some swatches and mix and match until you find a palette that will delight your guests. Once you have your colors then the reception ideas will flow out. Use color everywhere from linens to flowers. Have vases of flowers with colored water. Use a second color as bunting on the head table. Or how about having a painted dance floor to really get your guests moving.

Reception Venues

Probably the hardest part of planning is picking the venue. Once again, do not let fear make your choice. Some of the greatest reception ideas are those that are out of the norm. What about renting a country barn, or how about a vineyard to delight the wine enthusiast.

Think small jazz clubs or how about a museum. Maybe your town has a historic home that you have always loved. How about on the campus of your alma mater. No matter where you choose with some great reception ideas you can turn anywhere into a winning venue.

Reception Lighting

Once you have your decorations set, you need to focus on lighting. Rental of uplights can put a big focus on columns and such that give that extra special feel to your wedding. Another great reception idea is to have spotlights ready to highlight the newlyweds as they take to the dance floor and cut the cake.

If you have seating areas then make sure that you have soft lights so guests feel like sitting around and mingling over drinks. One of the most romantic types of lighting is candlelight. Have candles lit on the tables and all around the reception will romance and soften the venue.

After all the hard work and planning, you really want your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy your wedding. You also want to be able to mingle with your guests and let them know how much you appreciate them coming to your wedding.

Comfort for Your Guests

One popular wedding reception idea now is to set up big comfortable lounging areas complete with couches, chairs, and ottomans. Make sure not to seat older guests near the band. You will also want to make sure that your dance floor is big enough to get all your guests up and going. Having a good band will also help by playing the right tunes to get people going.

It seems very simplistic but one of the best reception ideas is to mingle with your guests taking time to really visit. Who doesn’t want an up-close look of the beautiful bride and her groom.


Another great idea is to incorporate pictures into the reception. Put them as table numbers use a screen behind the main table to show a continuous slide show of the couple then and now. When the father/daughter and mother/son dances happen, you can show pictures of the family. This really gives your reception that personal touch.

With a little creativity and work, you can turn your reception into a night that you and your guests will never forget. Take these wedding reception ideas and really run with it. Take them and mold them to fit you and your partners needs. Don’t be afraid to be bold and daring. Your reception is a night for you to celebrate your marriage with your families and loved ones and you should really make the night about you and your love.

Wishing you easy planning for your special day

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