Wedding Speech Introduction Music

It’s customary at a wedding for certain people attending the reception to give a little speech in honour of the bridal couple.

Whoever else speaks is pretty much up to the bride and groom-maybe one or more of your parents feels strongly about having their turn at the mike.

Bestman Holding Mic

Some people like to have speeches done right after the cake cutting or immediately after the cocktail hour.

And other times, they take place just before everyone sits down to dinner.

You can also choose snippets of song to play whilst you’re waiting for someone to walk up to the microphone, or between speeches – These are called “Speech Stings”.

Here are a few Speech Sting song ideas…

  • Austin Powers Theme – Quincy Jones
  • Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini
  • Bad Boys – Inner Circle
  • Bad To The Bone – George Thorogood
  • Barbie Girl – Aqua
  • Benny Hill Theme (Yakety Sax) – Boots Randolph
  • Bewitched – TV Theme Song
  • Bicycle Race – Queen
  • Computer Games – Misex
  • Super Mario Theme
  • Eye of the Tiger (Rocky Movie)
  • Happy Day’s – TV Theme Song
  • Hawaii Five-o – TV Theme Song

The above is just a small snippet of music suggestions. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments section!

Secret Wedding Songs

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