What Music is Right for Your Wedding?

There’s no single correct answer about what music is right for your wedding.

Many of today’s brides were born in the 1980s, and they have a natural preference for songs of that decade. But maybe you’re still close to 20, or what if 40 looms on your horizon?

Fun Wedding Songs

There are great songs out there from every decade that make wonderful music for weddings; let us give you our favorites from different decades and different genres.

This Millennium – these are the most popular songs of recent years, and maybe they’re the ones you want to include:

* Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it), 2009, Beyonce. Use this one for the bouquet toss!
* My Life Would Suck Without You, 2009, by Kelly Clarkson. Simple and to the point: You two don’t want to be without each other. A passionate song that’ll slow things down.
* I’m Yours, 2008, by Jason Mraz. An upbeat sweet song for the newlywed twosome, this is music for weddings everywhere.
* Love Like This, 2008, Natash Bedingfield featuring Sean Kingston, a song for lovers who maybe had a few breakups before they made it to the altar.
* Because of You, 2006, Kelly Clarkson. Well, she’s known for nothing else if not her passionate vocals. Maybe this is the one for the bridal waltz?
* Amazing, 2004, by George Michaels. Amazing that you two found each other. Amazing how wonderful love is. Fast and upbeat.
* Reach Up for the Sunrise, by Duran Duran. A rockin tempo that’s really sweet when you listen to it to celebrate your new life together.

The Nineties became known as the decade of grunge, when people were really putting it out there in their songs. But we found a few totally tender tunes that you’ll want to spin at your reception:

* I Will Always Love You, 1992, Whitney Houston. Now, this song talks about a love that can’t be, yet when Whitney belts out that title declaration, we all just want to dance with the one we’re loving.
* Thank God I Found You, 1999, and here we are thanking Mariah Carey for this love song for the ages.
* I Do (Cherish You), 1998, 98 Degrees, another wonderful declaration of love. Because that’s what you want to tell everyone.

The Eighties, as noted above, provides the most popular music for weddings these days. Did your mom let you watch Baby fall for Johnny when you were little? Or were you already groovin to Irene Cara’s sound in Flashdance or Fame?

* Don’t Know Much, 1989, by Linda Rondstadt with Aaron Neville, harmonizing for lovers everywhere.
* Hungry Eyes, 1988, by Eric Carmen. This was in the Dirty Dancing movie, but it wasn’t a hit until 1988. You need to play this at your wedding. Because you can’t get enough of each other.
* So Emotional, 1988, by Whitney Houston for anyone who gets emotional when they think of their partner.
* I’ve Had (The Time of My Life), 1987, by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warne. Another nod to Dirty Dancing and after all, you are having the time of your life.
* Glory of Love, 1986, by Peter Cetera. Pure schmaltz. Pure romance. A must.
* Take My Breath Away, 1986, by Berlin. Maybe this one is the bridal waltz.
* The Lady in My Life, 1982, by Michael Jackson. Something a little less panting, but just as great for the couple’s first dance.
* Another One Bites the Dust, 1980, done by Queen, and you can use this for the garter toss.
* It’s Raining Men, in 1982, by the Weather Girls perfect for the bouquet toss.

In the end, no matter which decade of music is your favorite, it’s best to mix em up. Your guests come from a variety of eras and locations, and you want to play wedding music songs that will give a little something to everyone. Best suggestion: Pick out your favorites from each decade and let the disc jockey mix them up as he sees fit.

May your wedding soundtrack be wonderful,


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