Where to Find a Good List of Wedding Songs

Where do you find the biggest list of wedding songs on the internet? Well the first thing you should consider is whether you want to buy a list or browse through hundreds of ad filled pages on the net for your perfect song idea.

Sure, you may have already selected your first dance song, but what about your cake cutting, bridal party introduction and farewell circle songs?

List of wedding songs

There are literally millions of songs available on the internet and the difference between finding a good or a great song can really effect the success of each tradition.

Have a look at the suggestions on the Secret Wedding Songs main page. There are also downloadable lists in the Resources area.

The songs you choose at your ceremony and reception are more important than you think.

The songs played will bring on certain emotions in your guests and you will remember these songs for a lifetime.

You may be driving down the road with your partner in 20 years time and a song from your wedding comes on the radio and you will remember. So choose carefully and make sure you hire entertainment / a DJ who can play your favourite songs competently.

Whatever you do, don’t try and save a few bucks for the cheap DJ option as just like in any industry, you get what you pay for and you want your wedding music done right.

There IS a difference between a chicken burger from McDonalds and a chicken burger from Nandos!!

When creating your list of wedding songs for your DJ. Make sure you include “Must Play” selections, “Play if Can” song ideas and a “Do Not Play” list. Usually around 20 songs of each will give you entertainment a good understanding of what to play at your wedding.

Make sure you include Artist and Song Title information and if it’s a remix version, make sure you include the remix artists name also. There are quite a few different versions of songs nowadays.

Some Popular Traditions

Bridal Dance: This is the first dance of the reception. How you do this depends upon when and how you arrive at the reception. Some couples like to be part of the receiving line to greet their guests. In this case, the bridal dance takes place after the guests have been seated. Other couples attend to photographs after the wedding, and they arrive at the reception with a grand entrance. In that case, have the DJ or bandleader primed to announce your entrance and begin playing your chosen song.

Bride and her Father Dance: The dance between the bride and her father is the second musical landmark of the evening. In a situation with a biological father as well as a stepfather, the bride usually dances with her biological father. However, if she feels very close to her stepfather, she and her father can dance through half the song and then her father can escort her to her stepfather, with the DJ or band leader simply announcing the stepfather’s name at the switch. Or, the DJ or band leader can segue from one song to another as the bride switches from father to stepfather.

Groom and Mother Dance: The groom escorts his mother onto the dance floor next. Stepmother dances can be handled the same way as described for stepfathers. Popular songs for the Mother and Son Dance can be found here.

The newly weds parents dance next. These days, it is common to have several sets of parents. Guests who need to understand the relationships already do, so the DJ or band leader only needs to announce the parents of the bride or groom and then give the couples names. Optional: you can also honour grandparents, or any other couples who have been married for a long time with an Anniversary Dance song.

Some couples have a dollar dance, and others forgo this old tradition. Guests line up and dance with either the bride or groom, and they pay a dollar. The money goes toward the honeymoon. Sometimes the best man hands out shots of a beverage to the guests in exchange for their money.

If you have a favourite group, have the band/DJ put together a medley of their songs. Examples would be Beatles songs, or a series of show tunes. Avoid something too fast as some older guests will want to participate but don’t feel confident about fast dancing.

You should also pick out songs to cut the cake, throw the bouquet, and throw the garter.

You can download the wedding songs you’ve chosen for these special moments and burn CDs for your guests to take home as wedding favours. That way your reception will remain a special memory for them as well as for the two of you!

Wishing you the soundtrack of a lifetime,


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