Where to Listen to Wedding Songs?

You need to take a lot of time and effort in choosing your wedding and reception music, because what you ultimately decide upon will affect the entire mood of the day. Listen to wedding songs several weeks before your wedding so that the two of you can select songs that will let your personalities shine through and will also provide great memories for your guests.

Couples Dancing

It’s not advisable to play just one type of music, even if one or both of you simply loves a specific genre. Your guests’ preferences should be taken into consideration because you want to make their attendance enjoyable, so mix it up when you make your choices!

Ask your family and close friends for suggestions for your special songs. Then you can put together a list of the music you’ve chosen for special times during the reception and give it to your DJ. Take full advantage of the help you will get from the internet.

Puppy Listening to SongsYouTube provides audios and visuals that will get your creative juices flowing. One couple chose a song by Queen for their bridal dance after watching a YouTube video. There’s also a hilarious video that’s gone viral of newlyweds who begin with the Righteous Brothers singing Unchained Melody, and then they suddenly and comically switch to Baby Got Back.

If you listen to wedding songs, you’ll find everything from ethnic to regional to genre-specific selections. If you’re uncertain of how to execute your bridal waltz and you don’t want to take lessons, visit eHow.com and search for “dancetimessquare.” This should lead you to Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin’s excellent series of videos on proper technique for the bridal dance.

Your quest for wedding music ideas should also take you to iTunes. You can search for virtually any song there by song name, artist, or album. It’s even possible to use iTunes to create your playlist and either publish it or give your list to your guests. You can listen to wedding song samples, and buying the ones you like is a great way to support the artists who put the songs out there for all of us.

If you have a Mac computer, iTunes is already installed. Those with Windows can simply visit iTunes.com and follow the simple instructions to download it. You will need to create an account to utilize some of the features, but nothing will be charged to you unless you specify that you want to buy something. You will find tutorials to show you how to download iTunes and search for music in jukebox format.

There is also a tutorial for creating playlists: You click on the “add” button on the bottom left side of the screen and type in a name for your new playlist. Then you can search for songs, click on them to listen for wedding songs potential, and if you like them you can drag them into your playlist.

There’s also an exclusive iTunes feature called “the Genius.” This works when you listen to wedding songs in the genre or style that is close to what you’re looking for. You then click the genius button and iTunes will show you many similar songs, one of which is likely to be exactly what you want.

Be certain to ask your DJ for advice if you’re uncertain of the steps for downloading your music and getting it to him. He’ll be ready to help you create the wedding day style that you want with the music you love.

Of course, your best option to listen to wedding songs, is at Secret Wedding Songs where the songs are listed with YouTube links 🙂

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