The interlude is the section of time before the wedding reception and directly after the wedding ceremony.


Guests generally have some beverages before they are invited into the reception venue during the cocktail hour.

The interlude serves several functions at the reception. It gives the wait staff time to make the final preparations before everyone is seated and allows the guests to mingle a bit before taking their assigned seats.

Most Easy Listening styles are appropriate including Soft Jazz, Love Songs, RnB or the Bride and Groom’s special songs. Songs where guests can mingle that do not overpower guest discussions.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the Bride and Groom will usually be away from this part of the wedding, getting photos taken or preparing for the wedding reception.

Popular Interlude Songs


American Dream (Afterlife Mix) – Jakatta
2000 | Youtube

Clocks (Buena Vista SC Version) – Coldplay
2006 | Youtube

Come Away With Me – Norah Jones
2002 | Youtube

Come Back Again – John Farnham
2005 | Youtube

Gamble Everything for Love – Ben Lee
2005 | Youtube

Good People – Jack Johnson
2005 | Youtube

I Only Have Eyes for You – Jamie Cullum
2005 | Youtube

It Ain’t Necessarily So – Jamie Cullum
2002 | Youtube

Let’s Get Married (Original Version) – Jagged Edge
2000 | Youtube

No Other Way – Jack Johnson
2005 | Youtube


At the River – Groove Armada
1999 | Youtube

Kiss of Life – Sade
1992 | Youtube

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
1993 | Youtube

Songbird – Eva Cassidy
1998 | Youtube

True Tears of Joy – Hunters and Collectors
1992 | Youtube

Turn Your Lights Down Low – Bob Marley
1999 | Youtube

Unforgettable – Natalie & Nat “King” Cole
1991 | Youtube


Nothing’s Gonna Change – George Benson
1984 | Youtube

True Colours – Phil Collins
1986 | Youtube

Wicked Game – Chris Isaak
1989 | Youtube

Wishing Well – Terence Trent Darby
1988 | Youtube

With or Without You – U2
1987 | Youtube


The Ghost Song – The Doors
1978 | Youtube


Something Stupid – Frank & Nancy Sinatra
1967 | Youtube

Something – The Beatles
1969 | Youtube


I’ve Got You Under my Skin – Frank Sinatra
1956 | Youtube

The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
1957 | Youtube

If you have a interlude song idea, let us know in the comments area below. The next tradition to choose a song for is the Bridal Party Entrance.

More About the Interlude

You can set the tone for a wonderful wedding by working with your wedding DJ to plan music for all aspects of the day.

One of the most overlooked needs for music are the interludes, the times that occur between the schedule of events, or to keep guests discreetly entertained between the ceremony and the reception. You will also utilize interlude music to create the right ambience for special activities such as lighting the unity candle.

What kind of interlude wedding songs should you choose? Naturally, you want the music you select to reflect your musical tastes. It’s also a good time to remember that your guests reflect an eclectic collection—everyone from your dad’s boss to your mom’s Great Aunt Minerva to your own peers and co-workers.

Your wedding DJ can spin your absolute favourite tunes during the reception itself, after dinner when it’s time to get up and get down—dancing, that is, or cutting the rug as Great Aunt Minerva might say. For the interlude periods you’ll want something calming yet beautiful, music that reflects the love and joy the two of you feel as you are united into one.

There are three basic musical ways you can go with your interlude music: You can choose traditional classical instrumental pieces, contemporary songs, or religious selections. An alternative is to choose one musician or one type of music—country or rock, or just one musician whose tunes hold real meaning for you—and look for selections that fit your needs.

For interlude music, consider these options:

•    Search out Secret Garden’s Adagio, featured on this duo’s Dreamcatcher album. Their music features violin and piano, but this song contains a beautiful oboe solo. If you’re having live musicians play at your ceremony, they are likely to know this piece.

•    Edward Elgar’s Salut D’Amour (Opus 12) works well at an interlude during the ceremony or perhaps playing quietly in the background during your receiving line. It features piano with either a flute or a violin carrying the tune. It’s upbeat and graceful, and guests are sure to ask “What’s that?”

•    What lyrics better express the beauty of the unity candle ceremony (or perhaps you are pouring sand, or closing a wooden box containing notes to one another) than Grow Old With Me? Mary Chapin Carpenter and John Lennon both have performed this lovely song.

•    You can choose an instrumental or a vocal version of Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee, for a neo-Christian spin on Beethoven’s popular Ode to Joy. It’s familiar and devotional, and people always love it.

•    What if you’re going with a theme? You might want to feature all Brat Pack tunes or all Beatle’s songs or maybe you’ve decided to feature Beyoncé and Jay Z throughout your day.

If that’s what you’re planning, you’ll want to choose something soft and gentle, like Beyoncé’s Halo (use the instrumental version for your wedding interlude selection) or maybe Something by the Beatles, which Frank Sinatra claimed was the best love song ever written.

Another great idea following the theme idea, using the Beatles as an example, involves playing Something during the ceremony and then, between the ceremony and reception, when guests move through the receiving line and find their tables, you can play light-hearted Beatles pieces such as When I’m 64 and Oh! Darling whilst your photographer displays a slide show of your engagement photos intermingled with your baby pics and shots of your first dates.

Tell your photographer and your wedding DJ what you want to do and trust them to come up with some brilliant ideas.

Wedding interlude music might fill just small spaces in your ceremony or at the reception, but it will create a huge impact for your guests.

Some guests walk away from a wedding reminiscing about the bride’s gown and flowers and other people gush about the great food served, but all of them will remember the music. Do your best to make it memorable!