For anyone making a speech and as they walk up to the microphone, a speech introduction song can be played.

Wedding Speeches

This is a good to break the silence and add a little spark to their introduction.

Choosing a song that suits the personality of the speaker works well.

Here are some speech introduction song ideas listed from newest to oldest….

Bad Boys – Inner Circle
1987 | Youtube

Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini
1961 | Youtube

Bad to the Bone  – George Thorogood
1982 | Youtube

Barbie Girl – Aqua

Big Spender – Shirley Bassey

Breaking Bad Intro Theme Song

The Best – Tina Turner

Bewitched – Jack Keller

Bicycle Race – Queen

Big Spender – Shirley Bassey

Bolero – Ravel

Bonanza – Carl Davis

Brady Bunch Theme – TV Theme

Can Can – Studio Group

Can We Fix It (Bob the Builder) – My First Album Performers

Circus Band – Circus Theme Band

Computer Games – Mi-Sex

Concerto for Violin in E – Vivaldi

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy – Rod Stewart

Daddy Cool – Daddy Cool

Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

The Final Countdown – Europe

Game of Thrones – Theme Song

Get Smart – Bob Crane and Orchestra

Gilligan’s Island – TV Theme

Godfather Theme – Notis Mavroudis

Happy Days Theme – Pratt and McClain

Hawaii 5 O – The Ventures

Hot Stuff – Donna Summer

I Feel Good – James Brown

I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles – Proclaimers

I’m On My Way – Proclaimers

I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred

Imperial March (Darth Vader) – Star Wars

In the Navy – Village People

Twilight Zone Theme – John Williams

James Bond Theme – The Ian Rich Orchestra

King of the Road – Dean Martin

Love and Marriage – Frank Sinatra

Macho Man – Village People

Mahna Mahna – The Muppets

Party Boy Theme Song – From Movie “Jackass”

Star Wars Theme – John Williams

Mission Impossible – Lalo Schifrin

Money Money Money – Abba

Morning (From Peer Gynt Suite No. 1) – London Symphony Orchestra

Mr Ed – TV Theme

My Way – Frank Sinatra

Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz – Strauss

On The Road Again – Willie Nelson

One Way or Another – Blondie

Merri Melodies – Warner Brothers Orchestra
Peter Gunn Theme – Blues Brothers
Pink Panther Theme – Henry Mancini
Police Academy Theme – John Williams
Radetsky March – Staruss Festival Orchestra
Scotland the Brave – The Gordan Highlanders
Sesame Street Theme – TV Theme
Sex Bomb – Tom Jones
Shake Ya Ass – Mystical
Simpsons Theme – TV Theme
Soldier – Destiny’s Child
Soul Bossa Nova (Austin Powers Theme) – Quincy Jones
Star Trek (Original) – TV Theme
The Entertainer – Scott Joplin
Theme from Jaws – John Williams
Theme from Mission Impossible – Adam Clayton
These Boots Made for Walkin – Nancy Sinatra
Tubthumping – Chumbawamba
Whatever You Want – Status Quo
Yakety Yak (Benny Hill Theme) – Boots Randolph

Best Man Intro Speech Ideas

Bromance – Chester See & Ryan Higa

Music to Introduce Your Wedding Speeches

The wedding is all about the two of you, but the speeches give some exposure to other people who have played a huge role in your wedding day preparations.

You’ll need just the right music to introduce wedding speeches—so that your guests will know when the speeches are beginning, and possibly to help your speakers know when to stop!

Even though the people who stand up and speak at your reception are keeping the focus on you, it highlights people from each side of the family so your guests can get to know the key players in your lives. For example, the groom’s Great Uncle Poindexter most likely has no knowledge about the bride’s sister who is also, today, the maid of honour.

Wedding speeches also give the parents—usually just the fathers—who have opened not just their hearts but their wallets for this wonderful event. Even if you’ve paid for the wedding entirely yourselves, it’s traditional for elder males on both sides of the family to stand up and say something.

Wedding speeches are generally humorous and whimsical.

The music you choose to introduce them should be fun and sharp—a cue to let people know that something of note is about to take place. If one of your speechmakers gets stuck, not knowing how to wind down the speech, some well-placed laughter and the music reprising will give the speaker an easy way to wind things up.

Similarly, if someone has had a little too much to drink before the speeches, or if Uncle Herbert is tossed and he just decides he should stand up and put in his two cents’ worth, wedding speech music can be a harmless way to signal the end before things get calamitous.

Your wedding DJ will know how to handle such situations.

Few people have the creativity to come up a video in lieu of the speech as the two brothers did in the popular September 2013 wedding speech video that’s gone viral.

They were afraid they would break down giving speeches, and they made a hilarious video instead, which you can view here.

Assuming you want to keep things more traditional, consider these musical selections (Along with our mega list at the top of the page) as your intro and possibly your wrap-up to speech time:

•    For a suave and dapper best man or father of the bride (or groom), get them started with the theme for James Bond. And just in case you need to cut off somebody who’s too long-winded or inappropriate, use the rousing Goldfinger.

•    To introduce the same people but with a little more humour, have the DJ play the theme from Austin Powers.

•    The theme from Peter Gunn won an Emmy and a pair of Grammy awards for its composer, Henry Mancini. Even if people don’t know the name of this song, from a television show that ended in 1961, they will certainly know the tune. You can have the DJ wrap up the speeches with the Blues Brothers version of this theme song.

•    What could be more appropriate than the theme song from the Newlywed Game television show?

•    If the bride and groom go nuts over football—weddings have been planned around football schedules—use the NFL theme song. Wrap it up if you need to get the best man to sit down with the theme from Cops—Bad Boys.

•    When it’s time for the maid of honour to say her piece, introduce her with the theme from Sex and the City.

•    The opening bars from Flashdance  make another great intro for the maid of honour.

•    Your wedding has not been Mission Impossible, but it still makes good wedding speech music to get people’s attention.

•    Whether the groom stands up to speak varies from wedding to wedding, but if it’s on your agenda, the wedding DJ can introduce him with the theme from Rocky.

Songs that most of your wedding guests will recognise or at least understand the meaning of is the key to a great choice!

People have spent most of the past year talking about McFly musician Tom Fletcher’s song in lieu of a wedding speech.

While it’s fun to watch and gets top marks for creativity and originality, don’t make the mistake of singing your speech unless you do what Fletcher does—sing for a living.

Most people will just be happy to see the key players in the wedding party stand up to say a few words and thank the people who put their time and money into it.

Don’t be shy about indulging your hobbies, however. For someone who loves superhero movies, you can incorporate theme songs from Spiderman, Superman, or any of the caped wonders. Cartoon lovers can find plenty of ideas by searching for cartoon theme songs on Amazon.

Your wedding DJ will be happy to help you find just the right music to introduce your wedding speeches.