8 Wedding Ideas to Make Your Reception Unique!

Here are 8 wedding ideas to add that bit of spark to your reception…

Special Message

Record a private message from the bride and groom and have it played over an instrumental piece of music during the first dance or the cake cutting.

Unique Reception

This also works well with a slow and romantic song, which your DJ can dedicate to everyone present who’s in love.

Guests Sing a Song

If one of your guests is an “idol” he can sing a special song dedicated to the bride and groom. However, incorporating karaoke into your reception activities is not recommended-it can be a bit tacky if not done right!

And your inebriated Uncle Bob might not want to give up the mic.

Theme Music for Entrance

Add your own favourite TV or movie theme music at some point during your reception. This can be part of the bridal party introduction, or you can use it to herald your other events such as the cake cutting or games.

Dollar Dance

If dollar dances are traditional in your region, then by all means have one at your wedding. Your DJ will know what type of song to play. You can have the traditional type, with the bride and groom dancing for a brief time with each guest who pays a dollar-and who also gets a small drink of a beverage.

Many people make a game out of the dollar dance. You might ask the ushers and bridesmaids to dance among the guests doing the Chicken Dance, collecting dollars.

Others prefer to forego the tradition of collecting money from their guests-but you can still do this dance by having people write down their good wishes for you instead of giving you money.

They can put the slips of paper with wishes on them into a box and have their brief dance with you. Later, you will enjoy reading these good wishes from your guests.

Streamer Exit

As the bride and groom depart, it’s fun to give rolls of streamers to the guests, which they can unfurl as you pass through the arch during the Grand Finale.

Slideshow and Video Show

A video montage, PowerPoint presentation, or Image slideshow can be played at some point during the reception.

They are gaining in popularity, and it’s a way to show the chronology of your relationship to your guests.

During dinner is a good time; it should last between five to ten minutes, and you can even set it up for looped playing. Image slideshows that are looped can run all night after the bridal dance.

Goldfish Wedding Ideas

Original centrepiece ideas are always welcome. A wonderful new idea is a bowl containing one or two goldfish as the table centrepiece. You can also use a taller vase that holds a Beta fish with a water flower floating on top.

These make great conversation, but you have to manage them carefully to maintain fish safety.

Other Entertainment

Whatever extra entertainment you consider, make sure it is performed at the right time during your reception.

And, as with everything else, it should reflect your own personal style. Entertainment options to consider include…

• Magicians
• Balloon makers
• Fire twirlers
• Belly dancers
• Comedian
• Animal / Reptile Showcase (where guests can touch snakes, etc.)
• Petting zoo (especially popular for outdoor receptions for family networks that include many children)
• A guest with an original talent (as long as this is a true talent)

Secret Wedding Songs

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