Decorating the Bridal Arch at the Wedding Ceremony

The arch is one of the most important pieces of decoration at your wedding whether created by your guests or you have a solid structure. It symbolizes the union of both sides bonding.

Ceremony Bridal Arch

Decorate your wedding arch to show your unique style.

A winter wedding would be breath taking with Christmas lights draped on a bridal arch. You could add holly branches, mistletoe, or wreaths with bows. All the decorations can be easily attached with florist’s wire.

Bridal arches are available in a variety of materials, colors, heights, and shapes. Whether you shop for a plain or fancy bridal arch, one can be found to make all your wedding wishes come true.

Did You Know?…

The term ‘Bridal’ came from a brew the bride and groom drank referred to as “bride’s ale”.

For an outdoor spring wedding, you could select a white lattice arch and weave pastel floral arrangements through out.

If your heart’s desire is a beach theme wedding, cover the arch using nets, starfish, and other seashells.

The wedding arch could be decorated with balloons. At the end of the ceremony, you release the balloons. Place a personal message in each balloon with your names, the date, and location of the wedding. Imagine who may find the notes, a total stranger.. who will feel included in your happy day!

After the ceremony, the photographer will arrange group-wedding pictures in front of the bridal arch. If you plan to have a receiving line, the arch provides a lovely backdrop for the bride and groom.

To set butterflies or doves free after taking marriage vows, is a symbol of the man and wife taking flight into the future.

Releasing two doves is an old tradition, and if the doves fly in the same direction, it is considered good luck.

I hope that this will not be a shotgun wedding, for the dove’s sake!

If your wedding reception is planned for evening, guests could hold sparklers as you make your long awaited getaway.

It would make a perfect ending, with your path lit as you pass through the bridal arch by the gathered well-wishers.

For guests to throw rice as the married couple makes the wedding reception grand exit is a long-standing tradition.

Throwing rice or confetti began as a belief it would bring fertility to the bride. In recent times, there were claims made that rice posed a threat to birds. Some members of wedding parties have opted to toss birdseed.

Before the wedding reception grand exit, it is customary for the bride to toss her bouquet to the crowd of unwed women attending the ceremony. The belief is that the lucky person who catches the flowers will be the next to marry.

In some parts of the country, the bride throws one of her shoes. Ouch, that is going to leave a mark! I am assuming she expects the shoe to be returned.

Do not forget that the bridal arch can be an important detail for your wedding plans.

Make sure to locate one early enough for the wedding reception grand exit or get your guests to form one so you can through it with your new life partner.

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