Essential Super Popular Wedding Songs

There’s no doubt that want your wedding to be a celebratory, fun, dignified, silly, hoppin’, emotional, groovin’, stately, sexy, bodacious, memorable affair! All you need to do is choose your favorite popular wedding dance songs and let your DJ worry about mixing them up.

Wedding dance

People go through all kinds of moods at weddings. They feel very festive, because they are dressed up and happy about the wedding. Fast music makes a great start. At other times, there will be very emotional moments when the crowd is tired and wants to slow down, and couples will want to enjoy romantic dances together. Then there are the popular wedding dance songs that the old ladies and the little kids will get up for—well, the kids will get up for anything! And there will be times that you just want to bring everyone to their feet.

What about the traditional crowd movers? Think about these songs…

We are Family, by Sister Sledge

This is a must for sports games, reunions, and weddings. This is a must because you want everyone who has witnessed your wedding to know that You. Are. Familee.

The Hokey Pokey, By Whoever

Come on, whether or not it’s your favorite, you have to play it for the people who are normally too shy to get up and shake it all about.

The same goes for the Chicken Dance

This is actually a Swiss dance created in the Fifties by an accordionist. It actually originated as the Duck Dance, but when it hit Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the Eighties, no one had a duck costume and history was made.

Are the above two songs too cheesy? Try…

YMCA by the Village People

Even if you nix the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance, you have to play YMCA. Yes, it speaks to the gaiety in each of us, but it really overtook the world as everyone’s song when Dick Clark launched it on American Bandstand in 1979.

Gangnam Style by PSY

Yup another silly horse riding dance and in 2013, people groan when they hear it – but still manage to make an effort to take the elevator ride.

Then you need to choose something for a conga line. Yes, a conga line—it will get everyone’s blood moving, including those who might be a little tipsy. You can choose from…

Conga, the obvious choice, by Miami Sound Machine. This one’s great fun, but there are other choices. Hot Hot Hot by Arrow, or choose the version by the Avid All Stars.

Cuban Pete by Jim Carrey and Angie Jaree. Actually, if you’ve never seen Jim Carrey in “The Mask,” you can use the instrumental version of this song simply as a fun samba.

Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte. And to cool the line down, you can follow this with Harry’s classic Banana Boat Song—you know, “Day-O.”

Of course, you need to fit some lively standards into those popular wedding dance songs so that people can just shake it, shake it, shake it…

  • Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry
  • Zoot Suit Riot by Cherry Poppin Daddies
  • Smooth by Santana featuring Rob Thomas
  • You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Leo Sayer

With a select few to slow down pulses…and speed up heart throbs…The Righteous Brothers can bring your evening to a close almost single handedly.

For heaps of wedding song ideas, make sure to check out the ideas listed on the main page of Secret Wedding Songs

You’ve got the idea. There are loads of wonderful tunes out there to fit the theme of your wedding reception.

All the best with your special wedding day,

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