Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Where do you start when choosing a Wedding Dress?

Designer, one off, custom made, vintage, passed down through the family or off the rack. It’s a special decision, very personal and important.

Bride on Bed with Wedding Dress

Once you have decided your Wedding Date, you know how much time you have to get your dress and consider what your dress budget will be; some dress’s can start from $400 up to $5000 or more

Traditionally the Wedding Dress is White, also including creams, ivory’s, eggshells and ecru. Consisting of main dress, train, tiara and veil.

Today anything goes, colour, style, shape depending on your religious/cultural background or Wedding themed choice.

Start a folder of clipping and cut outs of Wedding outfits to get a visual of what you are looking for.Yes – A Vision Board!

This will help if you intend to get a dress custom made or pre- made off the rack, you can discuss the dress better when you can see what you are wanting.

Getting a family member, friend or bridesmaid to help you choose a dress can be a great way to give you feed back and their first impression of you in the dress.  (Not too many people at once as it may be too loud and confusing at the fitting)

When going to a fitting you may have to make appointment or try to go on a weekday when it’s not so busy. Wear your hair in a style similar to how it will be on your wedding day, up or down for example to get a visual of the whole look.

Wear correct underwear and shoes that will be similar to what you are wearing on the day.

Keeping an open mind when you are trying on dresses is best, they will look very different on the rack as when on your body.

Try on a few styles and different shapes to see what best suits your body figure and shape. There are five basic shapes, silhouettes to consider, A line, empire line, traditional ball gown, mermaid and princess line. Remember to feel comfortable in your dress, you will have to sit, stand and enjoy yourself in your dress.

Try not to rush into getting anything unless it’s perfect for you. If you try on too many dresses in one day you may be overwhelmed. Take your time and do it over a few weeks, unless of course you find the perfect dress, then don’t hesitate and purchase it or place a deposit on it.

Fabrics are also a big decision in the Wedding dress choice. If you are buying pre-made, check the fabrics suitability, summer or winter depending on your wedding date etc. If you are getting your dress custom made, discuss your style with your dress maker and they will be able to recommend what are the best suitable fabrics and where to purchase them.

Also considering your bridesmaids at this time is a good idea, as some fabrics are seasonal and not readily available, you may want to purchase them at the same time.

Your vision of your wedding style and theme, indoor or outdoor will help you choose your dress along with these tips to finding your perfect, beautiful Wedding Dress.

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