Tips for a Fun & Energetic Wedding DJ Playlist

Now that the big day is quickly approaching, you have to start putting a little more focus on the playlist for the DJ.

There is nothing worse than a wedding reception that has nothing but dull music.

Wedding DJ List

The entire point of the wedding reception is to make sure that all of your guests have a great time.

You want them to have so much fun that they never want to go home. You want your wedding to be the wedding that they have great memories of!

When thinking of the various wedding songs that you can pick from, think of your crowd. Is it mostly elderly that will be at the wedding? Or is the room going to be packed full of nothing but a bunch of people in their twenties? Maybe you will have a nice mix of age groups at the reception.

Either way, starting to take a close look at what age groups will be dancing at your reception is the best way to make sure that you are going with the right type of music for them to enjoy.

Now that you have an idea of the era of music you will want to play, it is important to really dig into various tips for creating a fun and energetic wedding DJ playlist.

A good starting point is to remember that you do not want back-to-back slow music.

Even if it is romantic in nature and very good taste in music, you could quickly and easily put a lot of people to sleep this way. Since you are out to make sure everyone has a fun time, this is not the goal that you want to have.

It is also not a good idea to have all kinds of fast playing music repeated one after another.

You can easily wear people out this way and make them tired long before you would like to see them go home. The bride and groom are usually the first people to leave the reception.

Do what you can to make sure that you are not having guests tire out before you do. The basic tips for creating a fun and energetic wedding DJ playlist will tell you that it is important to mix it up a bit.

Play something slow and easy to listen to and then throw something energetic in after.

While there is nothing wrong with two slow songs in a row to allow time for everyone to dance with the bride, you do not want that to go on for too long.

Also feel free to throw in a few of those corny, yet highly anticipated, wedding songs that everyone seems to get a little bit crazy with. Are they tacky?

Possibly – but so many people have fun with these songs that it would be a shame to not include them.

So now that you know a few tips for creating a fun and energetic playlist you can get started creating your list.

The more fun you have putting it together the more fun you will have listening to it and dancing to it on your big day.

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Good luck with your planning

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