Tips for a Great DJ Playlist

No matter what style your wedding is, it’s going to be the celebration of your lifetime!  Your wedding DJ music list plays an important part in setting the tone for your evening.  Whether you’re planning a hip bash or a posh soiree, the wedding songs you select will say it all.

Wedding DJ Spinning Tunes

Take a minute to think about it:  What will your guests remember about your wedding day long after you’ve eaten the top layer of your cake?  They might remember your gown, but they won’t remember your bouquet.  They’ll remember who your attendants were, but they won’t be able to describe the color theme.  They most definitely will, however, remember that they talked and mingled, laughed and danced, and had an overall great time!

Once you’ve chosen a disc jockey, you’ll want to create a wedding DJ music list that will have something on it for your grannie who loves to shake her groove thing, as well as the uncle who does it his way, or your cousin who wants you to play that funky music right, and even your buddy who can’t wait to bust a move.  And don’t forget the elderly aunts who won’t get up unless it’s time for yes.. the Chicken Dance! 😉

Talk to your DJ about the tone you want to set for your reception.  Most likely he’ll have a planning sheet that will help you keep track of your theme and choices.

How many people will there be?

Is this an older crowd, or younger?

Elegant and sophisticated, or the party-hearty types?

For your wedding DJ music list you’ll need about fifteen songs per hour, on the average.  But you don’t have to pick them all!  First of all, your guests are going to have requests.  If they’re really feeling the music, they’ll want to have their say in a few songs.

You also need to let your DJ choose some of them.  He is a professional with a good feel for what will get a crowd up and dancing.  He considers things like tempo, genre, and change-ups to keep your dance floor moving.  You need to give him some latitude so that he can fit in songs where he thinks they’ll work best.

But it’s still important for you to provide him with some basic information.

Once you’ve decided just what tone you’re setting for the reception, put together a wedding DJ music list that includes the following:

  • The names of your special songs. Tell him your choices for the bridal waltz, the bride/father and groom/mother dances, and the other songs used for the longest-married couples, the bouquet and garter tosses, the cake cutting, the goodbye circle, and whatever else you want to celebrate with a song.
  • Your favorite genres. Your DJ can help you build a musical program based on your preferences when he fields requests or chooses songs that aren’t on your list.
  • The names of your favorite songs. These will be the songs not chosen for a special part of the reception that nevertheless have particular meaning for one of you. And they’re the songs that you just love to get up and dance to!
  • The songs that you absolutely hate. If you can’t stand the Chicken Dance, then tell your DJ ahead of time! He knows how to let your guests down easily.

Talk to your DJ well ahead of your wedding day so that you can discuss all this.  Write down your questions so you remember whatever you’d like to ask him.

Your wedding DJ music list will be the heart and soul of your reception, and it will provide lasting memories for you as well as your guests!

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